We’re now 100 days away from NFT.NYC’s in-person event on November 2nd and 3rd. The response we’ve received from the community has exceeded our expectations.

600+ Early Attendee Registrations

Early registration includes:

Attendees are joining us in NYC from over 30 Countries including:

NFT.NYC has now received over 500 speaker applications for its Nov 2 and 3 in-person event.

Today we are announcing the June round of 148 approved speakers.

How are speakers selected?


Read on to learn about some of our June approved speakers:

Lou Kerner, Partner at Blockchain Coinvestors and CEO at BigToken, is passionate about NFT and crypto community building. …

By Joy Loftus

This Week’s Clubhouse featured voices from five music industry professionals who are deeply involved with NFTs. The five speakers discussed how NFTs are creating value for musicians, fans, and the music industry.

“I’m excited about music being collectible again.”

-Mike Casey, a prolific songwriter, producer, and saxophonist

Mike Casey, saxophonist

Read on to find out more about:

The Collaborative Opportunities NFTs create for Musicians

People are constructing innovative models to tokenize music. These applications are increasing collaborative opportunities for creatives and also generating new revenue streams.


By Joy Loftus

This week’s NFT.NYC Clubhouse featured six thought leaders at the forefront of NFT law.

Read on to find out more about:

Proof Of Ownership and Copyright

Audience member and NFT.NYC speaker, Mark Shekleton, asked the lawyers how an NFT creator can legally represent physical asset proof of ownership.

Daniel Payne provided Mark with a model to address this query. He talked about the patent that Nike recently obtained for issuing NFTs that are tied to a corresponding physical pair of sneakers. …

By Joy Loftus

The NFT.NYC Clubhouse returned this Wednesday for an hour-long conversation with five decentralized finance (DeFi) thought leaders.

Read on to find out more about:

How DeFi is implementing NFTs

We asked one of our featured speakers, Alex Mashinsky, a seasoned entrepreneur and CEO of Celsius Network, to explain the difference between traditional finance and DeFi in layman’s terms:

“Centralized finance involves having an intermediary — a bank or financial institution — that you trust and that is supposed to act in your best interest but really always acts in…

With a little more than five months to go for NFT.NYC’s third annual in-person event the response we’re receiving continues to grow.

We have now received 300 high-quality speaking applications.

By Joy Loftus

This week’s NFT.NYC Happy Hour Clubhouse included a panel of VC thought leaders who discussed NFTs and industry disruption. The conversation featured a distinguished group of five VC’s who talked about the ways that NFTs are unlocking industry ecosystems with a particular focus on IP and network effects.

Read on to find out more about:

NFTs and the Network Effect

NFTs on open source platforms create a network effect.

David Pakman @pakman, an early stage tech VC with Venrock, described the abundance of digital ecosystems…

By Joy Loftus

The NFT.NYC Happy Hour Clubhouse returned this Wednesday to speak with a group of six experts from the NFT Collectibles and Gaming space.

The discussion included current events’ topics like the CryptoPunks sold at Christie’s Auction House this week, emphasized educating mainstream users about NFTs, and provided thoughtful approaches to blockchain gaming.

One of this week’s featured speakers gmoneyNFT tweeted about his special gift in the mail this week — a custom collectible 1/1 pair of NFT Kicks

Read on to find out more about:

By Joy Loftus

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have been gaining traction.

They have the potential to affect well-established industries.

NFTs are being used to secure ownership of digital and real-world assets, protect intellectual property, and increase the monetization opportunities for creators.

Will NFTs change the way business gets done?

In this article, I’m going to discuss four industries being impacted by NFTs:

I want to look at what impact NFTs have:

By Joy Loftus

This week’s NFT.NYC Weekly Clubhouse Happy Hour brought together expert voices from the NFT Art and Music communities.

Raymond St. Martin, CEO of Esaiyo, set the tone of the conversation when he said:

“These digital assets are starting to have a life of their own.”

Wednesday’s conversation featured six speakers from the upcoming NFT.NYC 2021 in the NFT art and music community, alongside a number of Clubhouse guests who were invited to the stage to speak later in the hour.

Several of this Week’s Speakers


Since its inaugural conference in February 2019, NFT.NYC events have hosted thousands of attendees, hundreds of leading speakers and the best NFT projects.

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