artèQ and Qlindo Thrive at NFT.NYC

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Since 2018, NFT.NYC community events have hosted tens of thousands of attendees, the leading speakers, and the best projects in the NFT ecosystem.

NFT.NYC’s core values are:

  1. Give The Community A Voice
    Put as many speakers on stage as possible to provide a forum for the NFT community to give voice to the most relevant ideas of the moment
  2. Create Connection
    Bring people together who are working on like projects
  3. Proselytize NFTs
    Educate the global community about the value of NFTs

Partnerships are key to each of these values, engaging new and established projects from the ecosystem to share their stories and offerings with the community.

artèQ and Qlindo at #NFTNYC2022

artèQ and Qlindo partnered with NFT.NYC in June 2022 as Silver Sponsors, providing them a perfect platform to present their projects and to exchange with the most important and influential thought leaders in the community.

As an emerging European-based platform focused on reaching new audiences in the US market, the Silver Sponsorship Package was ideally suited to meet their needs — It included a speaking opportunity, a standard exhibition space, ticket package, and event branding, including distribution of a custom NFT via the NFT Swag Bag.

NFT.NYC reached a specific target segment for artèQ and Qlindo.

artèQ Founder, Farbod Sadeghian said

NFT.NYC had a very strong art and real estate community which suited our needs perfectly. New York is one of the most important cities for Web3 and the perfect organization of the fair contributed to our overall success this year.

The Silver package provided an accessible and value focused entry point to maximize their impact during the event.

Speaking Engagement

The Founder of artèQ, Farbod Sadeghian, was invited to speak about the future of investment at the Marriott Marquis. In addition one of their partners, Wolfgang Bergmann, CFO of the Belvedere Museum, spoke about The Kiss NFT by Gustav Klimt. He shared the experience of this groundbreaking project which was a globally recognized digital milestone for an art museum, powered by artèQ.

Both speaking engagements were well attended and created opportunities to connect with hundreds of potential clients and partners at their branded exhibition space.

artèQ Founder, Farbod Sadeghian

Exhibition Space

artèQ and Qlindo presented to NFT.NYC attendees from a standard exhibition space (6x8’ footprint). With their custom illuminated backdrop and desk, they attracted and engaged event attendees, sharing the NFT projects and initiatives they were currently working on. Many attendees visited the space after seeing Farbod and Wolfgang’s presentations, to learn more about how artèQ was powering such experiences.

artèQ and Qlindo presenting at NFT.NYC

NFT Swag Bag

Since its inaugural event in 2019, NFT.NYC has experimented with new ways to drive attendee engagement using NFTs.

The annual NFT Swag Bag allows sponsors to mint and distribute to attendees, custom NFTs that support their goals during the event. Many NFTs shared in the NFT Swag Bag offered different utilities, including the ability to be redeemed for access to live events and physical merchandise.

artèQ created an NFT that enrolled its recipient in an “NFT.NYC” branded airdrop of their $ARTEQ token. artèQ delivered the NFTs to attendees’ mobile devices with a simple QR code.

This branded NFT engagement was well received and positioned artèQ and Qlindo (along with other presenting sponsors) as NFT-forward organizations.

artèQ’s $ARTEQ Airdrop NFTs

Looking Forward — Reaching the UK and European Markets at NFT.London

Following their experience at NFT.NYC, artèQ and Qlindo shared that they were able to establish contact with some of the most important stakeholders, and learn a lot about other great projects in the NFT space. They felt that, in such a young industry, the exchange between the individual players is particularly important.

“NFT.NYC is a quality event and is arguably the best networked Web3 event of the year. Some of the most important projects and collaborations we are currently working on started in New York.”

artèQ and Qlindo were pleased to learn that in November 2022, NFT.NYC would be engaging the European community in London.

“London is one of the strongest European financial markets. NFT.London is the perfect opportunity to present our European projects and invite our European partners to join us.”

About artèQ and Qlindo

artèQ is the first investment platform for buying and selling shares representing an investment in iconic NFT projects and Digital Artworks. artèQ token holders invest in the appreciation of the artèQ token due its connection to a rich collection of well-selected art masterpieces by their experts. Qlindo invests in green real estate & energy projects. Private investors can use Qlindo for extensive research prior to investing. Token holders within the artèQ and Qlindo DAO have the right to vote on important issues affecting the token.

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Since 2019, NFT.NYC events have hosted thousands of attendees, hundreds of leading speakers and the best NFT projects.