First Annual NFT.NYC Awards and Happy Hour

2 min readAug 26, 2021

NFT.NYC will be hosting an NFT awards ceremony in partnership with NFT.Kred, OpenSea, ClubRare and Topps NFTs.

We would like to invite our community and sponsors to vote on awards categories.

Sade Baderinwa will be presenting the NFT.NYC NFT Awards at 6:15pm ET in the Edison Main Ballroom.

Edison Ballroom Rooftop

Awards Categories

The following categories will be determined by data provided by our partner OpenSea:

  • Top Collectible ($ volume)
  • Top Collections by Category ($ volume)
  • Most # of Auction Extensions on an NFT
  • Most total volume by an artist
  • Most secondary volume by an artist
  • Most # of secondary trades on an NFT (single item)
  • Most # of secondary trades on a collection

Our Community is invited to vote for their favorite creator or project in the following categories:

Art, Music, Fashion

  1. Best Use of Emerging Technology for Digital Art
  2. Best NFT Artist
  3. Best Use of Artificial Intelligence for Digital Art
  4. Best Emerging NFT Artist (has been an NFT artist for less than a year)
  5. Best Digital NFT Artist
  6. Best Non-digital NFT Artist
  7. Best Traditional Artist turned NFT Artist
  8. Best Application of NFTs to the Music Industry
  9. “The Creator’s Award” — Best NFT Project for Creators
  10. Best Fashion NFT Project
  11. Best Written Coverage of NFTs


  1. Best NFT Marketplace
  2. Best NFT Display
  3. Best Blockchain for NFTs
  4. Best White label marketplace creation platform

Identity & Social

  1. Most Innovative NFT Project
  2. Best Use of NFTs for Digital Identity
  3. Best Use of NFTs by a Consumer Brand


  1. Most Expert handling of the Law and NFTs

Gaming & Collectibles

  1. Best Blockchain Gaming Company
  2. Best Collaboration between DeFi and NFTs
  3. Best Play to Earn Mechanics
  4. Best Gaming Community

Eligibility & Guidelines

The NFT.NYC Awards are open to all organizations and individuals involved in producing any type of project involving NFTs.

How Can I Nominate a person or a project?

The nomination form can be found on our website: NFT.NYC/Nominate
Nominations close Thursday, September 30th at 5 pm ET to nominate NFT Projects in each category listed.

Judging Process & Criteria

In late October our community will have the opportunity to vote for the winner in each category from among the individuals, projects, and companies that receive the most nominations.

What Will You Win?

  • Your name and/or company spotlighted on the NFT.NYC website
  • An NFT.NYC NFT Badge of Honor — that can be shared wherever you like!
  • Industry Recognition




Since 2019, NFT.NYC events have hosted thousands of attendees, hundreds of leading speakers and the best NFT projects.