How NIVEA Launched Their First NFT Campaign

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NIVEA launched their first NFT with “The Value of Touch,” a campaign developed by NIVEA’s global agency partner Publicis One Touch. The NFT campaign launched in December 2021 and all 15,000 free NFTs were claimed in 48 hours.

Keep reading to learn how NIVEA used an NFT collectible with excellent storytelling to sell out their first NFT.

The Story of NIVEA

Company Background

NIVEA is a leader in skin care with more than 130 years of experience, and believes in the positive power of the human touch.

The Campaign

NIVEA’s “The Value of Touch” NFT campaign invites you to “see the world the way you feel it.” They highlight the story of Clarissa Baldassarri, a visual artist who experienced a temporary loss of sight at the start of her career, sending her on a journey to discover how valuable touch can be.

Watch the video:

NIVEA NFT Campaign Launch — December 2021

How NIVEA Launched Their First NFT

NIVEA launched “The Value of Touch” NFT campaign with:

  1. A piece of art from Clarissa Baldassarri
  2. 15,000 NFTs on their marketplace available for free on Polygon
  3. A thoughtful landing page
  4. A traditional press release with press placements
  5. Social media post series

Let’s break down what they did pre-launch:

1. The NFT

NIVEA started by highlighting artist Clarissa Baldassarri and telling her story along with showcasing her art as the NFT.

All 15,000 NIVEA NFTs were pre-minted and provided to mint for free on NIVEA.Kred.

2. The Landing Page

A beautifully designed and well-thought-out landing page can help educate individuals when a company is introducing NFTs to their community and fans for the first time.

The landing page was designed by NIVEA and used across all online marketing and promotions for the NFT drop. When visitors got to the landing page, they could learn about the meaningful story behind the NIVEA NFT before claiming one of their own for free.

NIVEA also used a section of their landing page to educate their community about NFTs:

NIVEA NFT Campaign Launch — December 2021

NIVEA also shared an educational video from the artist, Clarissa Baldassarri, about “The Value of NFTs.”

NIVEA NFT Campaign Launch — December 2021

Launch Results: 15,000 NFTs claimed within 48 hours! Success.

NIVEA’s first NFT launch was a huge success. Other companies across industries took notice, as did the NFT community and NIVEA’s most loyal customers.

Let’s break down what made this particular NFT campaign such a success.

1. Whitelabel Marketplace with Simple Web3 Onboarding

  • NIVEA was able to drive traffic to their own whitelabel NFT marketplace for a curated brand experience
  • NIVEA curated the experience for collectors and visitors when claiming the NFTs
  • NIVEA provided collectors a branded web3 wallet via a simple email onboarding process
  • NIVEA maintained brand continuity throughout their whitelabel NFT marketplace (e.g., fonts, colors, graphics, etc.)

2. Press

Highlights from press coverage of 1,000 publications reaching 513M readers.

3. Social

NIVEA NFT Campaign Launch — December 2021

Instagram Post 1: Campaign Teaser

On December 12th, NIVEA posted a teaser photo about “The Value of Touch” NFT campaign with the caption:

Is touch non-fungible? Discover tomorrow when we drop our most touching surprise yet ;)

This introduces the community to the term “non-fungible” and creates excitement around a “touching surprise” drop the next day.

Instagram Post 2: Introduction Video

On launch day, December 13th, NIVEA posted twice on Instagram. First, they posted “The Value of Touch” NFT campaign video that introduces the visual artist, Clarissa Baldassarri, with the following caption that threads the art to “The Value of Touch”:

We tend to value touch less than other senses. To showcase how valuable touch can be, we collaborated with Italian visual artist @clarissa_baldassarri, to create an NFT inspired by touch. NFTs (non-fungible tokens), usually digital art traded on the blockchain, are considered valuable because they are rare and unique. Our NFT art is valuable because it is free and accessible, just like human touch should be. Discover Clarissa‘s story and get “The Value of Touch” NFT for free using the link in our bio.

Instagram Post 3: NFT Art by Clarissa Baldassarri

Also on launch day, December 13th, NIVEA posted the NFT art by Clarissa Baldassarri with the following caption:

Have you claimed your free “The Value of Touch” NFT art yet? Created by @clarissa_baldassarri, the touch-inspired art reminds people that a conscious touch is incredibly valuable and powerful, even though it is free.

Get “The Value of Touch” NFT for free using the link in our bio.

NIVEA NFT Campaign Launch — December 2021

Instagram Post 4: Artist Video about Clarissa Baldassarri

On December 16th, NIVEA posted a video highlighting Clarissa Baldassarri, and her inspiration, Cecila, with the caption:

“The Value of Touch” project by NIVEA is about @clarissa_baldassarri journey of discovery of conscious touch as a powerful tool. She dedicated her NFT art to Cecila, a blind friend who supported Clarissa in the discovery of a new way into her art. Get “The Value of Touch” NFT for free on the link in bio.

This brings the community closer to the artist and the importance of the core campaign message: “The Value of Touch”

Instagram Post 5: “The Value of NFTs”

Also on December 16th, NIVEA posted a second video about Clarissa and the value of NFTs, with the caption:

“The Value of Touch” project by NIVEA helps @clarissa_baldassarri tap into the world of NFT (non-fungible tokens) and its valuable currency in the blockchain, to remind people touch is incredibly valuable, even more so because it is free. Get “The Value of Touch” NFT for free using the link in our bio.

This video helps educate the community on the tie between the artist, art, and NIVEA’s NFT.

Instagram Post 6: Thank You

On December 16th, NIVEA posted a Thank You message when all 15,000 NIVEA NFTs had been claimed:

We’re thrilled to see the impact of the project and we want to thank everyone who claimed their limited-edition free NFT. Although our 15,000 NFTs are sold out, @clarissa_baldassarri ´s story will always be an inspiration and a reminder of the value of touch in our lives.

Posting a Thank You message provides a clear and celebratory ending to the NFT campaign.

Key Takeaways from NIVEA’s NFT

1. Create an On-Brand Experience

For their first NFT, NIVEA used a whitelabel NFT marketplace to curate a custom and consistent experience for their community.

A consistent and thoughtful brand experience builds trust and credibility for both the brand and the community.

2. Highlight the Artist & Art in an Authentic Way

From the beginning, NIVEA highlighted the visual artist, Clarissa Baldassarri, and filmed a short series of videos with Clarissa about “The Value of Touch” NFT campaign, including:

  1. Overall NFT Campaign Video
  2. About Clarissa
  3. About NFTs

NIVEA clearly placed the artist and art in the center of the NFT campaign while wrapping around their “Value of Touch” messaging to align it with their brand.

3. Keep it Simple

For NIVEA’s first NFT, it was important to keep the experience simple to onboard their existing community.

NIVEA provided a simple email sign up experience that delivered the NFT to a branded web3 wallet.

The NIVEA NFT was completely free and required no gas fees, or pre-existing wallet or crypto experience.

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