How to show your Art in the NFT.NYC 2024 Community Artist Showcase

5 min readSep 6, 2023


#NFTNYC2024 Artist Showcase submissions are officially OPEN:

Apply early to increase your chance of having your art selected.

One of NFT.NYC’s core values is to bring people together and highlight the diversity of the NFT Community.

NFT.NYC’s annual Community Artist Showcase invites Artists from the global NFT Community to submit their best works to be shown before, during and after the annual NFT.NYC event in New York City.

In 2023 we received over 4,000 Artists' submissions and showed more than 2,000 pieces of art. The art was displayed on Times Square Billboards, and the Artists Village at North Javits Center. Some Artists also had their work featured on the NFT.NYC 2023 NFT Digital Twin Tickets.

This year we are extending the Showcase and inviting participating Artists to share their Artwork in exciting new ways.

Choose how you’d like to include your Art

1 - Community Artist Showcase Gallery & Billboards— All submissions are considered for display in the Rooftop Artists Village gallery at North Javits, and on the NFT.NYC website.

A number of selected Artists will also be invited to have their Artwork shown on some of the world’s most iconic displays — The Times Square Billboards!

2 - NFT Digital Twin Tickets
Artists may request to have their Artwork featured on NFT.NYC 2024 NFT Digital Twin Tickets, minted and delivered to every registered Attendee.

Over 50 Artists were selected to be included on the tickets for NFT.NYC 2023!

3 - NFT.NYC 2024 NFT Postcards
NFT Postcards allow the Community to send a fun, free digital souvenir to friends and family, featuring their favorite Artist from the Community Artist Showcase.

A limited number of NFT Postcards will also be printed and made available for Attendees to physically ship to a loved one from the event.

Community Artist Showcase applicants are invited to request that their Artwork be minted and printed as an NFT Postcard during their application.

4 - NFT.NYC Co-branded Merch
A small number of Artists selected for the Community Artist Showcase will be invited to collaborate on NFT.NYC Artist Edition Merch.

To be considered, check the “Artist Edition Merch” box during your application.

Complimentary Tickets for Selected Artists

In addition to having their Artwork shown, selected Artists will receive a complimentary General Admission Artist Ticket to attend NFT.NYC 2024 and see their Artwork on display.

Artwork Submission Schedule

Round 1 Submissions: Wednesday, September 6, 2023 to Monday, October 31, 2023.

How to Increase your chances of being selected

  1. Submit Early
  2. Complete the form in it’s entirety
  3. Willingness to have Artwork showcased in multiple formats

Reasons a submission may not be selected:

Artwork displays:

  1. Violence
  2. Offensive language
  3. Drug use
  4. Sexual nudity

When will I know if I’ve been selected?

Once submitted, it typically takes 4–6 weeks for an application to be reviewed.

This timeline can vary depending on the volume of submissions — Please apply early!

What happens after I am selected?

Selected Artists will receive:

  1. Confirmation that your Artwork will be shown in the Rooftop Artist Village and on the NFT.NYC gallery page.
  2. An email with a link to register your complimentary General Admission Artist Ticket (and receive your own NFT Digital Twin Ticket).
  3. Guidance on any additional ways that your Artwork will be included (eg Times Square Billboards, Artist Edition Merch, NFT Digital Twin Tickets and NFT Postcards).
  4. An NFT.NYC Artist Certificate of Participation.

*Note: NFT.NYC does not cover expenses for travel, accommodation, or pay Artists.


  1. Can I change my artwork?
    Artists will receive a link to submit a different Artwork in their submission confirmation email. All updated fields in the resubmission will over-write any previously submitted information and only the most recent submission will be considered. Resubmissions will not be accepted from selected Artists or after submissions have closed on Oct 31, 2023.
  2. How do I see what artwork I submitted?
    After submitting the form you will receive an email with your submission details including Artwork Name, Artwork Description and a link to view the submitted Artwork.
  3. If I am selected, where will my Art be showcased?
    All selected Artworks will be displayed in the Rooftop Artist Village and on the NFT.NYC gallery page during NFT.NYC 2024 (April 3-5).
    * If requested by the Artist, Artworks may also be displayed on:
    NFT Digital Twin Tickets
    Artist Edition Merch
    Physical and Digital NFT Postcards
  4. When will I be notified if I have been selected?
    * Artists will be informed by the last week of January 2024 if they have been selected for the Showcase.
    * Artists will be notified by end of March 2024 if their work has been selected to be displayed on Times Square Billboards.
  5. What is the Artist selection criteria for the Showcase?
    Applicants will be selected based on the following criteria:
    * Artists who have previously demonstrated thought leadership in the NFT Community
    * Artists who are passionate about pushing the boundaries of NFTs
    * Artists who represent the diversity of our NFT Community
  6. How do I apply?
    Please complete the application form and share with us your best work.
  7. What are the artwork dimensions and requirements?
    * Accepted file types: .jpg, .png, .mp4 or .gif
    * All aspect ratios will be accepted, though some may be suited to specific screens.
    * Maximum file size: 20 MB
  8. Do Artists maintain ownership of the Artwork if they are part of the Showcase?
    Yes, Artists maintain ownership of their Artwork — NFT.NYC is displaying it to the Community.
    If requested by the Artist, NFT.NYC may create a derivative of the original Artwork to be used as:
    * NFT Digital Twin Tickets
    * Artist Edition Merch
    * Physical and Digital NFT Postcards
  9. Will NFT.NYC help me sell my Artwork?
    Artists are free to sell their featured work outside of the Showcase and on some screens may have the option to display a QR code alongside their artwork, with a link to purchase the piece on a marketplace.




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