NFT.London 2022

We were overwhelmed with the turnout at our first London event:

  1. 2,500 attended our first conference in London (compared to our first Conference in NYC in 2019 with 460 Attendees).
  2. 819 Speakers had a voice on stage at the QEII Centre.
  3. 72 Community Satellite Events.

Thank you, London.

2022 NFT.London Highlights

Pre-Event VIP and Speaker Dinner

The community came together the evening before for the VIP and Speaker dinner on November 2.

The week kicked off with a surprise performance by Spottie Wifi and Buscemi— and we danced the night away together as online friends met each other IRL for the first time.

Founders’ Opening Keynote

Founders Jodee Rich and Cameron Bale opened up NFT.London with a full house to share with the community the 3 core values that have guided NFT.NYC since 2019:

  1. Give the Community a Voice.
  2. Bring people together to brainstorm ideas.
  3. Share with the broader community.

12 Tracks on 6 Stages

Brands Track

Brands and agencies took to the Brands Track stage at NFT.London.

Some of the companies who spoke on the Brands Track included:

  1. McLaren Automotive
  2. Aspery
  3. Calvin Klein
  4. Amazon
  5. Global Merch Services
  6. Publicis
  7. Media Monks
  8. Wachsman
  9. Hero Makers Studio

Art Track

Unforgettable memories were created throughout the day on the Art Track stage — from OG digital artists, local UK artists, and rising stars.

The opening session was researcher Dr. Emily L. Spratt whose entire presentation was on OG crypto artist Trevor Jones and his Bitcoin Angel piece. Little did Emily know that Trevor was sitting in the front row of her presentation! It was a surprise to them both — a magical moment for all to witness.

Featured Experiences

Alotta Money Tribute

VIP and Speakers Lounge

The VIP and Speakers lounge, hosted by Rosie Labs and Boson Protocol, was packed each day — it served as the hot spot for our community members to network, discuss similar projects and collaborate.

Opening Network Event

Central Hall Westminster Church, November 3

Twitter Spaces

Thank you to our friends for hosting some amazing Twitter spaces on our page LIVE from the event!

Rug Radio
@cikaluk_n, @inNFTland, and @patrickwagner

The “Beyond the GM” crew of OGs
@iamlauwolff, @0xEthanDG, @wabdoteth, @beast_eth, @e_labs_io, @senditldn

Fun Things

@Pranksy London Bus Art Tour

Puppy Room

The Zen Den

Bored & Hungry Food Truck

Community Satellite Events

House of Lords

World of Women


London Women Leading Web3

Community Survey Feedback

“How well did the QEII work as our main venue?”

Scored: 4 / 5

Top 5 Favorite Speakers:

  1. Giorgi Jashiashvili
  2. Tom Bilyeu
  3. CEM
  4. Larry Dvoskin
  5. Benyamin Ahmed

Top 5 Favorite MCs:

  1. Quinn Button
  2. Spottie Wifi
  3. Crypto Novo
  4. Mike Mongo
  5. Ian Utile

Top 5 Favorite Tracks:

  1. Art
  2. Gaming
  3. Future
  4. Legal & Accounting
  5. Music

Favorite Exhibitor: Immutable

Favorite Event NFTs: Commemorative Ticket Stubs

Artwork by XCOPY:

Positive Feedback:

  1. “The best thing about NFT.NYC/London is the speakers. Connecting with so many people in the community doing so many different things is what makes this entire conference series different. Sure, its great to hear from the ‘rockstars’ as Jodee says but being able to talk to small creators, builders, and upcoming thought leaders is where the actual game is changed.”
  2. “Networking was great. One venue makes that much easier. People are always ‘around’ not 5 blocks away at some other venue!”
  3. “What I liked most was the after party/networking in the other building [Central Hall Westminster]. This blew my mind”
  4. “I liked the food trucks outside, the professional treatment by all staff, the coffee, the music in the gaming room, and meeting other NFT people in the space.”
  5. “Was a very nice event, because the NFT community was actually there… keep it like that and don’t let sponsors take over the program. I hate conferences where it is mainly sponsors speaking… I rather pay a higher ticket price than having a conference with mostly talks by sponsors”

Negative Feedback:

  1. “Make tickets cheaper. I spoke to a lot of people who only applied to be speakers to avoid paying, this made some of the talks feel low quality, and the rooms were empty, felt like the only people in the crowd were just waiting to speak by themselves. The same sentiment is shared by everyone I’ve spoken to, and clearly lots of Twitter. Please make next year more accessible to everyone.”
  2. “Less speakers, longer sessions with opportunity for Q&A, More time in between sessions to allow for networking and connection. Cheaper tickets to allow for more people to attend just as attendees.”
  3. “It fizzled out a bit on Friday. Starting early on day one and later on day 2 rather than the other way around allows for hangovers (it was very quiet!). Having some kind of closing reception would round it off.”
  4. “Made some amazing connections but the spaces were very loud to communicate in and build those relationships. It might have been nice to have a networking area/connection zone that was an area where you could go and grab a table with people and build a more solid conversation.”
  5. “Some rooms did not have a display outside showing the current subject. If this was possible it may reduce the door noise of people poking their heads in, I’m guilty of that a couple of times”

Social Channel Feedback

Twitter Posts

“We’re here at #NFTLondon2022 & it’s a great turnout!”

“#MusicNFT stage at #NFTLondon2022 is the most crowded atm.”

“Great @pranksy red bus tour of the London street art scene. Good show! highly recommend”

“The exhibit halls are busy and bustling with conversations”

“Very humbled to represent Music NFTs today alongside @ZironiVioletta as we perform at the official @NFT_NYC London opening ceremony.”

“Thank you @NFT_NYC London for organizing the great event!”

“Here’s a thread of all the positive things you might have missed at NFT.London”

“Great turnout on the #NFTLondon2022 Brands Track”

“WOW #NovoLondon x @worldofwomennft 🔥Live look on stage”

“Good vibes and great connections”

“Good time at #NFTLondon last week, some great conversations”

LinkedIn Posts

“We had the opportunity to discuss which industries we believe will be most disrupted by NFTs in 2023.” —Hannah Bernasconi at Revolut

“We’ve seen people from world leading brands attending. Head of marketing, head of communication, head of … etc. Of Mercedes, McDonalds, Wrangler, and other big brands and some came anonymously.” —Michael Dorner

“The leadership of NFT.London by NFT.NYC has consistently shown up to build community and technology…” — Chris Makridis

“🤷🏻‍♀️Why another conference? And how do YOU get most out of it?” —Ann Graf

“I’ve come away with incredible connections, new friendships, and greater opportunities in the horizon. 🚀” — Cessiah Lopes

“What a brilliant 2 days at NFT.London by NFT.NYC.” — Emma Ockelford

“Absolute crazy adventure at NFT.London by NFT.NYC” —Nick Decrock

Twitterverse Feedback

There were two pictures that had a lot of comments.

“The NFT Art Gallery”

The image presented on Twitter as “The NFT Art Gallery” was not the NFT Art Gallery at NFT.London — these are 3 of 77 monitors around the venue that shared NFT giveaways, What’s On, and attendee navigation. Artists who contributed to NFT tickets were also included with a link to follow them on Twitter.

“Big empty rooms”

A small audience can sometimes be an indicator of a great idea that has not yet gone mainstream.

This image was taken at the end of Day 2 on the Art Track (Friday, November 4) after programming was over.

At our first NYC event in 2019, there were more speakers than attendees — many of these early speakers have gone on to become industry leaders:

Devin Finzer — Co-Founder of OpenSea (2019)

Matt Hall — Co-Founder of Larva Labs (2019)

William Entriken — Leader Author of ERC-721 (2019)

Duncan and Griffin Cock Foster — Founders of Niftygateway (2019)

Our Core Values

Our goal at NFT.NYC is to give voice to those in the community with the best ideas so that those ideas can come to life.

The 3 core values have guided NFT.NYC since 2019 are:

  1. Give the Community a Voice
    Put as many great speakers on stage as possible to provide a platform for new ideas. It’s about giving people a choice.
    Yes, that means many stages. Yes, that means some stages are poorly attended. Some of us prefer to attend a fresh talk from a rising star than queue up to hear the same message over and over from a “celebrity”.
  2. Connection
    Bring people together who are working on similar projects.
  3. Share with the broader community
    Educate the global community about the value of NFTs.
    Workshops, networking sessions, and community satellite events at NFT.London all contributes to educating and proselytizing the value of this technology.



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Since 2019, NFT.NYC events have hosted thousands of attendees, hundreds of leading speakers and the best NFT projects.