NFT.NYC 2023 Fifth Round Speaker Announcement for the Brands Track

5 min readFeb 7, 2023

38 New Speakers added to the Brands Track

We’re excited to announce our fifth round of approved speakers for NFT.NYC 2023. This round for the Brands Track includes 38 new Speakers.

Total speakers approved to date from the Brands Track is now 207.

Featured Speakers — Brands Track

Read on to learn more about our fifth round of approved Speakers.

Anastasia Vitruk
Web3 Marketing and Strategy Expert

Entrepreneurial Web2 and Web3 marketing expert (+15 years in marketing industry) with a successful background in the raising funds (2.5 M+) and launching blockchain startups internationally: USA, Ukraine, Mexico.

Experienced in the initiation and transformation of GTM and digital marketing campaigns with vast knowledge of marketing strategy, product marketing, business development, paid media, content production, and community management.

Skilled in the management of strategic partnership programs, B2B accounts, customer-centric programs with a focus on the blockchain, NFT’s, Metaverse startups. Participated in launch of the digital fashion NFTs and Refi projects.

Christopher Sealey
Senior Vice President of Creative, Marketing, and Production at OneOf

Christopher Sealey is the Senior Vice President of OneOf, where he leads the Creative, Marketing, and Production teams for the leading web3 software provider and digital collectibles marketplace. He is also a founding General Partner of ChainLink Capital, the top-performing crypto fund of funds worldwide.

Previously, Christopher co-founded the recently acquired blockchain startup CoverUS and was a globally successful creative and marketing executive, holding senior-level positions with financiers George Soros and Pete Peterson, and helping to shape the brands of an array of clients including Coca-Cola, Sony Music, Gap, David Beckham, and the Wu-Tang Clan. He also served as the first Creative Director in the United States government during his time with the New York Senate.

Jenn LaRocco
Vice President, Strategic Accounts at SXM Media

In her role as Vice President of Strategic Accounts at SXM Media, the advertising powerhouse behind SiriusXM, Pandora and an expansive podcast network, Jenn is responsible for identifying and cultivating key Joint Business Partnerships.

Jenn has been an audio advocate for more than a decade at Pandora and continues her mission at the newly formed SXM Media Group inclusive of Pandora, Soundcloud, Stitcher and SiriusXM. She has worked to develop strategic partnerships with the largest media clients in the world to help them create, measure and execute their sonic strategies. Jenn holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Ithaca College and is the proud mom of two rockstar little boys.

Joe Pace
Web3 & Digital Goods, ASICS Corporation

Founder of ASICS Web3 & Digital Goods team; ex-startup founder ; Web3 consumer tech investor; father of one

Kaspar Tiri
Co-Founder at Ready Player Me

Kaspar is a co-founder of Ready Player Me, a cross-app avatar platform for the metaverse. The company raised over $72M from investors like a16z, Konvoy Ventures, and Taavet+Sten. Kaspar and his co-founders were named Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2019 for their outstanding success in such an innovative field. The founding team has been working together on avatars for over 9 years.

Rebekah Keida
Bridging the virtual and physical

Rebekah Keida has been in blockchain and technology since 2015. She developed a prototype NFT and AR filter for Richemont Group in early 2018. She is the founder of Vysical, a company that helps bridge the gap between the virtual and physical worlds.

A gamer from birth, she offers her valuable experience with metaverse creation, NFTs, AR, VR, gaming, token gated content, and other new technologies. She’s worked with Messi, NAS, and turned Mary J Blige’s SuperBowl outfit into an NFT wearable with Dundas, DressX, and Her knowledge allows companies the insight to determine bespoke web3 solutions that connect brands with their consumers in new ways.

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Round 5 Brands Track Speakers
View all approved NFT.NYC 2023 Brands Track Speakers at NFT.NYC/Speakers

(Alphabetical order)

  1. Anastasia Vitruk — HOO KOO E KOO — @avi_7988
  2. Bitgoddesses XR — BITGODDESSES — @bitgoddesses
  3. Christian Ferri — Web3 Pro Inc.
  4. Christopher Perdek — — @Chris_Perdek
  5. Christopher Sealey — OneOf — @chsealey
  6. Felipe Servin — Neefter — @fservin
  7. Gokce Guven — Kalder — @0xGokce
  8. Gwan Yip — Core3D — @_gwanstefani
  9. Jackie Courtney — QUALIA — @JacCourtney
  10. Jenn LaRocco — SXM Media
  11. Jim Borger — Web3Sense
  12. Jinhee Kim — Metabon Corp., — @vanilla__voy
  13. Joe Pace — ASICS
  14. Jordache Johnson — Keep Business Simple — @jordachejohnson
  15. Joshua Garcia — BrandXR — @dronerogan
  16. Josip Vlah — RZLT | Rezolut — @josip_vlah1
  17. Kaspar Tiri — Ready Player Me
  18. Lyon Hardgrave — Pinktada
  19. Marc Baumann — Dematerialzd — @marcb_xyz
  20. Matt Jalazo — Triple Helix Advisors — @nft4dummies
  21. Mic Mann — Africarare — @micmannsa
  22. Mohamed Hossary — Pend
  23. Nick Vinckier — Chalhoub Group — @nickvinckier
  24. Ori Levi — NFTrade — @phirex
  25. Osnat Ben Nesher Zaretsky — — @nftsteacher
  26. Paul-Adrien Lamoureux — Sentr3 — @Paul_Adrien_
  27. Rebekah Keida — Vysical — @Bekahtron
  28. Rene Hennen — FUND THE PLANET — @hennen_rene
  29. Ross Murray-Jones — Rand Gallery — @rossmurrayjones
  30. Shakersangam.eth N/A — The — @ShakerSangam
  31. Shirin Bucknam — Crypto Witch Club — @cryptowitchclub
  32. Sinlin Yeo — Web3Auth — @itsindesign
  33. Stella Achenbach Achenbach — The Web3 Girl — @stellaachenbach
  34. Tara Fung — Co:Create — @nonfungibletara
  35. Tommy Mehl — Wipro — @MehLisCAT
  36. Tony Pearce — Reality+ — @tonypearce1
  37. Valentin Auvinet — Decathlon — @valentin85
  38. Wajd Badawi — Nuqtah — @WajdBadawi




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