NFT.NYC 2023 Fifth Round Speaker Announcement for the Entertainment Track

4 min readFeb 9


25 New Speakers added to the Entertainment Track

We’re excited to announce our fifth round of approved speakers for NFT.NYC 2023. This round for the Entertainment Track includes 25 new Speakers.

Total speakers approved to date from the Entertainment Track is now 152.

Featured Speakers — Entertainment Track

Read on to learn more about our fifth round of approved Speakers.

Tom Bilyeu
CEO and Co-Founder of Impact Theory Studios; Filmmaker; award-winning screenwriter; Billion Dollar entrepreneur

Tom Bilyeu; filmmaker, award-winning screenwriter, and billionaire entrepreneur co-founded Impact Theory, a media studio, in 2016 with his wife, Lisa Bilyeu. Having found massive success through YouTube and podcasts, amassing a community of over 10 million people worldwide with over 60 million hours of viewership and over 50 million downloads.

In 2021 IT started building in Web3 with the launch of the Impact Theory Founders Key. The company’s mission is to create “wallet-aware borderless entertainment” which recognizes and curates a user’s experience with the brand based upon what that holder has in their digital wallet. Impact Theory is preparing to launch its most ambitious Web3 initiative, Project Kyzen, in early 2023 — a 3D NFT avatar creation portal & experiential game world.

Billy Schreyer
Co-Founder & COO of Verified Labs

A natural born entrepreneur, hard headed and unconventional, Billy has been in the start up game for the last ten years. An endlessly curious, connector who loves people and networking, he has fully embraced the futurist label. While he prides himself someone who wears many hats, he enjoys business development, representing the company at events, and speaking anytime anyone will listen to him.

Driven by a passion for blockchain tech, digital art, entertainment, and the future of the metaverse, Billy and business partner Justin Winters set out to build on their deep experience working within an established Hollywood production company and a vision to bring entertainment into the next frontier of the internet.

Sammy Arriaga

Raised in Miami, FL on the eclectic beats that filled the streets, Sammy Arriaga was born behind the mic.

The bilingual singer/songwriter, now based in Nashville TN, has garnered over 50M+ music streams worldwide, 400k followers on TikTok & 12 years of experience in the music industry, The 30-year-old singer songwriter now finds himself serenading those roaming around the blockchain.

Known for being the singer and songwriter behind his Music NFT collections METAGIRL, Pulse Pass & PIXELATED, Sammy has sold over 7K Music NFTs since he started building in February 2022 and his projects have independently circulated over 400ETH across all projects in the Sammy NFT ecosystem.

Follow Sammy on Twitter and all other socials to hear his new music, new NFT updates & more.

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Round 5 Entertainment Track Speakers

View all approved NFT.NYC 2023 Entertainment Track Speakers at NFT.NYC/Speakers

(Alphabetical order)

  1. Adam Scher — CMYK — @CMYKbk
  2. Adrien Stern — Reveel — @AdrienStern
  3. Alex Salibian — Nvak Collective — @nvakcollective
  4. Andy Anderson — Faculty Entertainment
  5. Asif Bashir — Film Token
  6. Baby Yors — Eleven Three LLC — @elbabyyors
  7. Billy Schreyer — Verified Labs — @0xVeLabs
  8. Brandon “Cyrano” Tatum — Gala Music — @cyranoesq
  9. Cairon Clarke — African Valuables Collective — @cryptoca1ron
  10. CD Damitio — Vagobond Magazine — @vagobond
  11. Davis Brimer — Gamisodes — @DavisBrimer
  12. Greg Younger — — @gregyounger
  13. Ian Grant — Greenlit Protocol — @TheRealIanQ
  14. Jack Frost — Jack Frost Labs — @NftFrost
  15. Jack Spataro — Finally Free Productions — @JackSpataro
  16. Jonathan Rivera — Tee Ticket/ BZT Labs — @smartbzt
  17. Justin Winters — Verified Labs — @0xVeLabs
  18. Kenny Johns — Ample — @kenjohnscreates
  19. Nicolas Madoery — FUTURX | ENIGMA — @NicolasMadoery
  20. Rionna Morgan — Rionna Morgan — @RionnaMorgan
  21. Robert Tran — MADworld — @madworldnft
  22. Ryan Kumar — Mintdropz — @ryankumarnft
  23. Sammy Arriaga — BNB SONGS LLC — @sammyarriaga
  24. Samuel Del Real — Nvak Collective — @0xSDR
  25. Tom Bilyeu — Impact Theory — @TomBilyeu




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