NFT.NYC 2023 Fourth Round Speaker Announcement for the Art Track

32 New Speakers added to the Art Track

We’re excited to announce our fourth round of approved speakers for 2023. This round for the Art Track includes 32 new Speakers.

Total speakers approved to date from the Art Track is now 146.

Featured Speakers — Art Track

Read on to learn more about our fourth round of approved Speakers.

Jessica Ewud
Ragzy X, Artist

Ragzy X is a world-class visual artist and a Ripple Creator Fund recipient. She has worked with some of the most elite organizations in the world including Google, FIS Global, SPLUNK Inc, and ASML.

Peter Hamilton
Co-Founder of Seattle NFT Museum

Peter is the former CEO of TUNE, a Seattle-founded startup acquired in 2018. He advises and invests in early-stage startups and participates on boards of seed and series A companies. Today, he also heads a commerce innovation team at Roku, and he is the co-founder of the Seattle NFT Museum, the first physical space dedicated to the display of blockchain-enabled art.

Ana María Caballero
Poet, Artist, and Co-founder of theVERSEverse

Ana Maria Caballero is a first-generation Colombian-American poet and artist. Her work explores how biology delimits societal and cultural rites, ripping the veil off romanticized motherhood and questioning notions that package female sacrifice as a virtue. She’s the recipient of the Beverly International Prize, Colombia’s José Manuel Arango National Poetry Prize, the Steel Toe Books Poetry Prize, and a Sevens Foundation Grant.

Her Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net-nominated work have been widely published and exhibited internationally. Recognized as a Web3 poetry pioneer, her work with poetry on the blockchain has been covered by major media outlets. She has three books forthcoming in 2023, written in the hours before the world wakes up. Ana is the co-founder of digital poetry gallery theVERSEverse.

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Round 4 Art Track Speakers
View all approved NFT.NYC 2023 Art Track Speakers at

(Alphabetical order)

  1. Agnes Garbowska — Agnes Garbowska — @AgnesGarbowska
  2. Alejandro Rincon — Metadolls NFT — @tattooAR_
  3. Alex Solis — oddworx — @alexmdc7
  4. Alfredo Cramerotti — IAM-Infinity Art Museum — @CuratorView
  5. Ana María Caballero — theVERSEverse — @CaballeroAnaMa
  6. Ariel Hudes — Pace Verso (Pace Gallery) — @ArielHudes
  7. Ashumi Sanghvi — MAD Global — @ashumiss
  8. Auronda Scalera — Infinity Art Museum — @aurondascalera
  9. Brooklynn Bailey — Save the Bees NFTs — @SavethebeesNFTs
  10. Carlos Aquino — Art by Carlos Aquino — @CarlosMetaWorld
  11. Carolina Cavenaghi — Electric Neon Metaverse — @whoiscavenaghi
  12. Dani Ropi — Dani Ropi Gallery— @ropidani
  13. Drew Mailen — The Blockchain Writer — @drew_mailen
  14. Edward Carpenter — Published with Creatokia / Readl / BookVolts / OpenSea — @E_H_Carpenter
  15. Hariprasad C M — HARIOLOGY — @hariology
  16. Jessica Ewud — Ragzy LLC — @ragzyart
  17. Joanne Enders — It’s Little Things — @itsltlthings
  18. Joseph Wilcox — Lydian Stater — @josephwilcox
  19. Katarina Feder — Arsnl Art — @arsnlart
  20. Kate Segal — @kateartnyc
  21. Katie Dozier — @Katie_Dozier
  22. Katie Vandergriff — Downs & Towns, LLC — @downsandtowns
  23. Kosuke Fujitaka — Art Beat Inc — @pincponic
  24. Macy Gettles — Pixel Puffs — @gettles
  25. Mark Chisholm — MCArt — @nftluxlife
  26. Nora Alangari — NSW Labs — @nouranft
  27. Peter Hamilton — Seattle NFT Museum — @PeterHamilton
  28. Rachel Wilkins — Renegade Marketing — @rachnyctalk
  29. TAKUROMAN — Artist — @TryingUnity
  30. Willea Zwey — @WillZwey
  31. Yayoi Shionoiri — 1717 Studio — @yayoi_shionoiri
  32. Zoey Luo — natureoracle — @LzZoey



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