NFT.NYC 2023 Fourth Round Speaker Announcement for the Brands Track

29 New Speakers added to the Brands Track

We’re excited to announce our fourth round of approved speakers for 2023. This round for the Brands Track includes 29 new Speakers.

Total speakers approved to date from the Brands Track is now 168.

Featured Speakers — Brands Track

Read on to learn more about our fourth round of approved Speakers.

Stephanie Taylor
Digital Fashion Partnerships at Fashion League

Stephanie was an international model for 10 years, learning much in this time about brands, trends and developing a true love for all things fashion. She has now ventured into the world of Web3 and is passionately onboarding and collaborating with brands to enhance engagement and drive adoption.

Laura Rowson
Principal, Salesforce Ventures

Laura is an investor at Salesforce Ventures based in NYC and leading Salesforce Ventures Web3 strategy. She invests across multiple stages in the US and EMEA, with a focus on dev ops, data stack, fintech as well as Web3.

Igor Beuker
Speaker | Serial Entrepreneur | Futurist | Cause Artist

In the spotlights, Igor Beuker is a top marketing innovation keynote speaker and futurist known for his foresight on trends and technologies that impact business, economy, and society. With his radical vision and reliable voice, he inspires audiences worldwide, puts butts in seats, and gets rave reviews. Behind the scenes, a social entrepreneur with 5 exits and an angel investor in 24 social startups.

Advisory board member at revolutionary tech/media companies, changemaker at Rolling Stone Culture Council, Hollywood sci-fi think tank pioneer, award-winning marketing strategist for brands like Amazon, L’Oréal, Nike, and a seer for Fortune 500s, cities, and countries.

Jennifer Styles
VP, Communications, OneOf

A senior marketing and communications executive with 20+ years of award-winning global in-house and agency experience. Styles oversees Communications at OneOf, the mass-consumer Web3 company connecting the next 100M non-crypto-native fans to iconic brands, artists, and athletes. OneOf technology enables global brands and enterprises to reimagine commerce, loyalty and engagement, allowing consumers to seamlessly collect or trade digital assets with no prior crypto expertise.

Angel investor and advisor, Former Global Head of Consumer Marketing/Comms at WeWork + CNN producer and heavily invested Women in Tech.

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Round 4 Brand Track Speakers
View all approved NFT.NYC 2023 Brands Track Speakers at

(Alphabetical order)

  1. Anna Ladyshenski — Michael Page
  2. Asher Jay — Henoscene — @earthheiress
  3. Billy Huang — Insomnia Labs — @bilo_eth
  4. Calid Bowen — AfroBang / Oliver Agency — @calidb
  5. Catie Romero-Finger — BABS Labs — @home
  6. Chloe Janicki — Nightshift Agency — @chl0ejay
  7. Diana Morales — XYZ News — @Belle_nfts
  8. Dimitri Nikolakakis — 3Commerce — @dim_niko_
  9. Dr. Lingling Liu — — @ArthurBisous
  10. Francine Ballard — House of Web3 — @metagolden_
  11. Gregarious Narain — Zealous — @gregarious
  12. Igor Beuker — Igor Beuker — @IgorBeuker
  13. Jennifer Styles — OneOf — @Jen_Styles
  14. Josh Winer — / QuickNode — @joshyote
  15. Josh Roybal — Oort Digital — @OortDigital
  16. Kadine James — The Immersive Kind — @JamesKadine
  17. Laura Rowson — Salesforce Ventures
  18. Linus Chung — Origin Protocol — @linuschung
  19. Natalia Modenova — DRESSX — @modyaya
  20. NFT Girl — XYX News — @NFTgirl
  21. Roger Hahn — METASALT — @RogerHahn
  22. Scott Cullather — Invnt Group— @scullather
  23. Sierra Nawabi — Good Juu Juu — @juujuumama
  24. Stephanie Taylor — Fashion League — Finfin Play — @steph_finfin
  25. Svetlana Yakunina — HONEY — @svetlanayakuni_
  26. Thomas Metzler — Professor at | Co-Founder of | Author of — @MadeMeThink_xyz
  27. Tom Borgers — 3mint — @thomasborgers
  28. Vivien Zhang — The Spot Room — @VivienZhang18
  29. Will Etheridge — 2D1 — @_wjeth



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Since 2019, events have hosted thousands of attendees, hundreds of leading speakers and the best NFT projects.