NFT.NYC 2023 Fourth Round Speaker Announcement for the Entertainment Track

23 New Speakers added to the Entertainment Track

We’re excited to announce our fourth round of approved speakers for 2023. This round for the Entertainment Track includes 23 new Speakers.

Total speakers approved to date from the Entertainment Track is now 127.

Featured Speakers — Entertainment Track

Read on to learn more about our fourth round of approved Speakers.

Lin Dai
CEO and Co-founder, OneOf

Lin Dai is the CEO and Co-founder of, an NFT platform built specifically for the music community to create an environmentally sustainable and artist & fan-friendly experience. Minting an NFT on OneOf’s platform uses over 2 million times less energy than other networks, and has attracted major artists including Doja Cat, Quincy Jones, Whitney Houston, TLC, Charlie Puth, Jacob Collier, G-Eazy, AURORA, The Kid LAROI, Alesso and more.

He spent over 10 years leading digital initiatives at major media companies such as Alloy (Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries) and Emmis Communications (Hot97, Power106). Lin is a General Partner at ChainLink Crypto Fund, a fund of funds in the digital currency and blockchain industry.

Simon Hudson
CEO and Founder, Cheeze

Simon Hudson is the Founder and CEO of Cheeze, Inc, an NFT & Media company that is connecting brands and the creator economy using blockchain technology.

Always finding himself at the intersection of community, technology, and media, Simon founded Brndstr in 2013, a social intelligence company that helped brands integrate social chat technologies into their company’s internal systems. Prior to that, he was on the founding team of London-based company Streetlife which sold to Nextdoor in 2017.

His hot takes on photos, media, and Web3 have been featured in Wired, Tech Round, The Face, The National, Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, NFT Evening, and more.

Justin Shenkarow
Co-Founder, Three Point Zero Studios

Justin Shenkarow has won an Emmy and Golden Globe for his over 30 years in the Entertainment Industry as an Actor and a Producer. In the past two years, he has identified NFTs as the future of IP for Entertainment. Justin is the co-host of one of the most successful podcasts in the NFT Space — NFT Heat and he’s the co-founder of Three Point Zero Studios, the largest premium NFT animation company in the web3 space. He’s a graduate of Stanford University and holds an MBA.

Asher Weiss
CEO and Co-Founder, Tixologi

Asher Weiss is the CEO and Co-Founder of Tixologi, a blockchain-based ticketing startup. Tixologi allows teams, venues, and event producers to capture new revenue sources from secondary and collectible sales, understand all their ticket holders not just their ticket buyers, eliminate fraudulent tickets and engage their fans on a deeper level. Before starting Tixologi, Asher was the Mobile Product Lead for the Golden State Warrior and before that, he was an Innovation Specialist at the Orlando Magic.

A serial entrepreneur who started his first company at 8 years old, Asher is a creative and strategic thinker, experienced in innovation, marketing, and project management, with a unique ability to make connections between data, ideas, and people to discover new opportunities and solve problems.

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Round 4 Entertainment Track Speakers

View all approved NFT.NYC 2023 Entertainment Track Speakers at

(Alphabetical order)

  1. Adria DeLaune — The Artist Management Group — @ajdelaune
  2. Andrea Berry — Theta Labs — @w3Andrea
  3. Asher Weiss — Tixologi — @asherweiss
  4. Carlos Luna James — MGOGLKTKO LLC — @MGOGLKTKO
  5. Carsten Lambrecht — Creatokia — @casilas
  6. Chris Ebeling — Virtually Human Studio — @iamChrisEbeling
  7. Emma Miller — Emma Miller — @ohemmamiller
  8. Guillaume Moret-Bailly — Doors Sport — @guillaumemoret1
  9. Jan Leitenbauer — MovieShots — @Lightingpower
  10. Julian Bonilla — Bunny Labs LLC — @billbunniesclub
  11. Justin Shenkarow — Three Point Zero Studios — @justinshenkarow
  12. Khoa Le — Sutudu LLC — @khoalefilms
  13. Lin Dai — OneOf — @ThePointsDai
  14. Liv Charette — Liv Charette — Recording Artist — @livcharette
  15. Nick Decrock — 49 / META — @ndecrock
  16. Nova Lorraine — Raine Magazine — @novalorraine
  17. Paul Warren — BlockLive — @4ormund
  18. Saj Zaman — Finally Free Productions — @sargchante
  19. Simon Hudson — Cheeze — @Hudson
  20. Stacy Quackenbush — Dynamite — @StacyQuack
  21. Stephanie Guerrero — Legato — @steph_guerrero
  22. Stockz A — Buy Money LLC — @investinstockz
  23. Wasiu — Music3 Labs — @WasiuHQ



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