NFT.NYC 2023 Fourth Round Speaker Announcement for the Future Track

41 New Speakers added to the Future Track

We’re excited to announce our fourth round of approved speakers for 2023. This round for the Future Track includes 41 new Speakers.

Total speakers approved to date from the Future Track is now 168.

Featured Speakers — Future Track

Read on to learn more about our fourth round of approved Speakers.

Elana Dickman
Red Beard Ventures, Investor
Entrepreneur, The Girls Table

Elana is an entrepreneur, investor, and creator. Elana started her career at two of the top consulting firms KPMG and Deloitte, working in financial strategy and transformation.

This led her to join FloQast, a billion-dollar start-up, transforming financial infrastructure for accounting and finance departments.

Elana is a CPA and received her Master's in Accounting. She took the red pill and jumped into the Web3 space, where she is now best known as a content creator as well as an angel and NFT investor. Elana is also an advocate for Women in Web3 and started The Girls Table to bring together women both virtually and through a podcast.

Derick David
Digital Assets writer, Forbes

Derick David is a digital assets writer for Forbes and previously a founding designer of Rain, a Coinbase-backed startup based in New York City. Before that, he was also a founding designer at Y Combinator’s Coinbooks.

His creative work has reached the lives of millions of people globally and his early work was well-recognized within the journalism community at Stanford University, where he worked as a user experience designer for a StartX-backed startup. Derick was raised in Bologna, Italy, and speaks fluent Italian.

Adriana Hoppenbrouwer-Pereira
Co-founder, The Fabricant

Adriana is co-founder of The Fabricant — the digital fashion house 3.0 building the wardrobe of the metaverse. Prior to The Fabricant, Adriana held commercial positions in large global consumer brands as CMO/ Digital Innovation Director.

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Round 4 Future Track Speakers

View all approved NFT.NYC 2023 Future Track Speakers at

(Alphabetical order)

  1. Aaron Bumgarner — Outsyde, Inc. — @NCLongleaf
  2. Adriana Hoppenbrouwer-Pereira — The Fabricant — @thefabricant
  3. Alex Kim — BNB Chain
  4. Bob Bodily — Toniq — @BobBodily
  5. Daniel Bron — Solidity Group
  6. David Hsiao — Block Journal — @CryptoGodfatha
  7. Derick David — Forbes Digital Assets — @bigdrckenergy
  8. Dr. Michael Fischer — DBDAO — @0xMikeyF
  9. Dru Schroer — Audeo Labs — @podcastpunk
  10. Earth Grob — Fox-IT
  11. Eddie Satterly — OneOf — @eddie_satterly
  12. Edward Zhu, CPA — 3 Chain Advisors / 10x Ventures — @venturefounder
  13. Elana Dickman — Red Beard Ventures — @TradingFemale
  14. Georgina Castellano — Revamia — @gyccecilia
  15. Harry Chang — Ctor Lab — @harry830622
  16. Hiroyuki Tachibana — a42 — @7pastelblackcat
  17. Ioana Surpateanu — Swash / Crypto UK — @Hextech_Jinx
  18. Jason Desimone — Rove — @jasonmdesimone
  19. Jason Juliano — EisnerAmper Digital — @jason_juliano
  20. Jesse Williams — The Digital Time Capsule — @JesseThaGreat_
  21. Joanna Liang — Jsquare — @joanna_jsquare
  22. Joel Dietz — MetaMetaverse — @jdietz
  23. Josh Katz — YellowHeart — @joshkatzyh
  24. Karley Chynces — ONE Sotheby’s International Realty — @karleychynces
  25. Katelyn Perna — Tantamount Labs — @jock1nkp
  26. Keanu Estanol — KidEthereum — @KidEthereum
  27. Lakhvir Takhar — Reality+ — @Lakhvir_T
  28. Luciano Mathias — TRIO HUB — @LucianoMathias
  29. Matteo Gamberale — Zappy — @TheGambe
  30. Mona Moayer — MetaverseXpress News — @MetaverseXpress
  31. Navroop Sahdev — The Digital Economist — @navroopsahdev
  32. Nirojan Thurairajah — Multichain Advisors Inc. — @CryptoApe0
  33. Qin En Looi — Saison Capital — @webthreedad
  34. Ren Ciarrocchi — Renz Renderz — @renzrenderz
  35. Sida Zheng — Rosen Bridge Technology Inc. — @zheng_sida
  36. Toli — Bad Bears — @toli_eth
  37. Tom Hale — Melon — @zenm0nkey
  38. Uttam Singh Khanduja — Flare — @singhk_uttam
  39. Wendy Ye — NewsBlock — @wendy_w_ye
  40. Yael Tamar — SolidBlock — @yaeltamar
  41. Yaniv Azar — SpearAI



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