NFT.NYC 2023 Fourth Round Speaker Announcement for the Gaming Track

16 New Speakers added to the Gaming Track

We’re excited to announce our fourth round of approved speakers for 2023. This round for the Gaming Track includes 16 new Speakers.

Total speakers approved to date from the Gaming Track is now 85.

Featured Speakers — Gaming Track

Read on to learn more about our fourth round of approved Speakers.

Hantao Yuan
Gaming & Web3, Overtime

With 10 years of backend experience in Gaming and tens of thousands of hours in video games, Hantao has realized that digital ownership makes all of his time playing video games finally worth something.

Serene Ahrens
Head of Partnerships, Fashion League

Serene is equipped with over 15 years of partnering with brands in the retail and retail real estate industry, working closely with brand owners on market expansion strategies and optimization of sales. She now brings her extensive retail experience into Web3 through strategic partnerships.

Julien Bouteloup
Founder, Stake Capital Group (Stake DAO, BlackPool Finance, and Curve core team member

Blockchain OG. DeFi Builder. HW Eng. First Flash Loan in history. Massive tech investor “The more your share, the more you get”.

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Round 4 Gaming Track Speakers

View all approved NFT.NYC 2023 Gaming Track Speakers at

(Alphabetical order)

  1. Anna Stoilova — Rogues — @nomorewhite
  2. Benjamin Gellie — Rogues — @BenjaminGellie
  3. Brent Bushnell — Two Bit Circus — @brentbushnell
  4. Brent McCrossen — Gripnr — @brentalicious
  5. Daniel Curcio — Curcio Consulting — @TheMrCurcio
  6. Hantao Yuan — Overtime — @Hantao
  7. Jake Steinerman — — @jasteinerman
  8. Jamie Lauder — Be Your Game — @jamielauder_
  9. Julien Bouteloup — BlackPool — @bneiluj
  10. Minoru Yanai — Minto Inc. — @MinoruY
  11. Paul Flanagan — CM Games — @pgflanagan
  12. Phil Hopper — The Red Village — @trvphil
  13. Richard Hong — CLO
  14. Serene Ahrens — Fashion League / Finfin Play — @serene_finfin
  15. Tanu Gulati — iCandy Interactive Ltd. — @tanugul
  16. Zoe Glaysher — SL2 Capital — @SL2_Capital



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