NFT.NYC 2023 Second Round Speaker Announcement for the Brands Track

4 min readDec 20, 2022

29 New Speakers added to the Brands Track

Today we are announcing the second round of approved speakers for NFT.NYC 2023 including 29 new Speakers in the Brands Track.

Total speakers approved to date from the Brands Track is now 94.

Brands are continuing to utilize NFTs to drive social engagement with their audience. We’ve seen brands such as Nike release physical shoes tied to a digital twin NFT. Macy’s also highlighted their involvement with NFT communities in their Thanksgiving Day Parade project.

The NFT.NYC 2023 Speakers on the Brands Track will be providing insight on how Brands are adopting NFTs to foster engagement and community with their audience.

Featured Speakers — Brands Track

Read on to learn more about our second round of approved Speakers.

Amanda Cassatt
Founder and CEO, Serotonin

Amanda is the Founder & CEO of Serotonin, the leading web3 marketing agency and product studio. Amanda is also co-founder & President of Mojito, the first venture to spin out of Serotonin. Mojito is an NFT commerce suite that is the top choice by Sotheby’s, CAA, and major brands for engaging in e-commerce on web3. Amanda is also the forthcoming author of the world’s first Web3 Marketing book hitting bookstores early 2023.

Amanda is a notable web3 product builder and master marketer who has helped bring some of the leading blockchain companies to market and advised global institutions on how to adopt NFTs and crypto. From 2016 to 2019, Amanda brought Ethereum to market as the CMO of ConsenSys, supporting its growth to become the largest and most robust blockchain ecosystem.

Dave Torres
Macy’s VP Digital Experience

Dave Torres is a highly accomplished and experienced executive passionate about driving digital innovation and growth. He currently serves as the Vice President of Digital Experience at Macy’s, where he is responsible for leading the brand’s digital strategy and overseeing the development and implementation of cutting-edge digital solutions.

Dave has over 15 years of experience in the digital space and has a deep understanding of the latest technologies and trends. He has a proven track record of successfully navigating the complexities of web3 and other emerging technologies, and he has helped to position Macy’s as a leader in the digital landscape.

Michael Litman
Senior Director Web3 & NFT @ Media.Monks

Michael is the first Senior Director of Web3 and NFT’s at Media.Monks. He is a collector, connector and advisor to NFT projects, founding member of Meebits DAO, web3 believer and thought leader.

He has spent 10+ years in the digital comms industry with experience in PR, advertising, consulting and founding a venture backed tech startup.

He loves immersing himself into emerging trends at the intersection between brands, tech, culture and commerce. Figuring out the NFT’s and BTC’s from the WTF’s and LOLs.

As a globally recognized brand strategist, working for and on some of the most leading brands across industries, he lives and breathes the web3 world in and out of work, educating, onboarding and inspiring across the Media.Monks network and externally with clients.

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Round 2 Brands Track Speakers
View all approved NFT.NYC 2023 Brands Track Speakers at NFT.NYC/Speakers

(Alphabetical order)

  1. Amanda Cassatt — Serotonin — @amandacassatt
  2. Amyli McDaniel — MINTangible — @amylimcdaniel
  3. Charlie Apthorp — Athena Labs — @AthenaLabsHQ
  4. Connor Wells — Heath Skincare — @NotAnotherNFTio
  5. Dakota Story — HashBastards LLC — @HashBastardsNFT
  6. Danielle Lukins — BeyondCrypto 92 — @daniellelukins_
  7. Dave Torres — Macy’s
  8. David Cash — Cash Labs — @davidcash888
  9. Drew Beechler — Holder — @drewbeechler
  10. Emily Blumenthal — The Handbag Awards — @HandbagDesigner
  11. Filippo Chisari — Filippo Chisari
  12. Jake Ryan — Genzio — @santadecides
  13. Julien Rosilio — DRESSX — @Meta_Jiu
  14. Julien Keller — Societhy — @jul1keller
  15. Karen Jouve — Doors3 Consulting Group — @karenjouve
  16. Mia Soarez — Frinkly — @miaferrariii
  17. Michael Litman — Media.Monks — @mlitman
  18. Natasha Wallace — Brandtech Media
  19. Pauline Hohl — Unik Labs — @pauline_unik
  20. Rad Laser Falcon — DANKO — @RadLaserFalcon
  21. Roland Gavrilescu — Nexbase — @rolandgvc
  22. Ronald Jordan — NFDADDYS — @TheStarsPodcast
  23. Shan Hanif — Genflow — @shangenflow
  24. Sharon Weisman — PowerStation Studios LLC — @SharonWeisman2
  25. Sol Nasisi — Bentley University — @snasisi
  26. Stephanie Srikandi — TIALS.World — @stephanietials
  27. Stephen Brudzewski — Top Drawer Merch — @steve_brew
  28. Toby Rush — Redeem — @tobiasrush
  29. Wayne Green — Englebert — @waynedgreen




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