NFT.NYC 2023 Third Round Speaker Announcement for the Community Track

4 min readJan 10, 2023

41 New Speakers added to the Community Track

We’re excited to announce our third round of approved speakers for NFT.NYC 2023. Our first approval announcement in the New Year for the Community Track includes 41 new Speakers.

Total speakers approved to date from the Community Track is now 143.

Featured Speakers — Community Track

Read on to learn more about our third round of approved Speakers.

Masha Vyazemskaya
Head of Marketing and Communications at Rarible

Masha is the Head of Marketing and Communications at Rarible. She has deep roots in the blockchain and NFT industries for 5+ years, and has served as a thought leader on topics related to NFTs, Web3 marketing, DeFi, and fintech.

Thomas Wu
SuperRare Labs — VP of Finance and Business Development

Tom is currently the VP of Finance and Business Development for SuperRare Labs and is responsible for keeping the company and SuperRareDAO’s finances in order while also leading the team to acquire and maintain relationships with Artists, Collectors and Partners.

Before diving into the CryptoArt world, Tom previously worked at a FinTech company, and has lived and breathed the world of traditional finance with MUFG and Deutsche Bank. When not looking at numbers and story telling — you can find Tom traveling the world, finding great power lunch spots, enjoying a great beer, and running races to collect unique medals [those need to be physical, not digital NFTs] ;)

Toni Payne
Photographer, Host of NFT Talk Show Podcast, Founder Champayner Social Club

Toni Payne is a still life and documentary photographer, poet, and food content creator. She is also a podcaster, public speaker, and founder of the Champayner Social Club. She considers herself a creative who is versatile in nature.

Besides immersing herself in creating memorable Still Life and Documentary images, she is also a storyteller who enjoys capturing the essence of things around her and exploring spirituality and symbolism through her art.

She currently hosts a popular podcast called NFT Talk Show where she discusses topics around Web3, NFTs and Cryptocurrency.

Victoria Vaughan
Co-founder at Incryptoland — PR & Marketing firm for web3. Formerly CEO of Cointelegraph

Gathered over 9 years of experience in the crypto space, primarily serving as CEO of Cointelegraph till 2019 and bringing the company to the top positions on the market. Co-founded CardWallet and worked with many well-known brands in the industry, has extensive expertise in growth hacking, marketing, and business development.

InCryptoland clients: Sandbox, Polygon,, Hacken, and others.
Featured in Benzinga, Techtimes, IBtimes, Cointelegraph, Beincrypto, Utoday.

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Round 3 Community Track Speakers
View all approved NFT.NYC 2023 Community Track Speakers at NFT.NYC/Speakers

(Alphabetical order)

  1. Adam Ghahramani — Untamed Elephants — @adamagb
  2. Adam Ilenich — Rarible — @adamilenich
  3. Amanda Kavner, PhD — Dr Crypto Brain Educational Consultants — @DrKavner
  4. Arkadiy Baltser — Plutoview — @BaltserArkadiy
  5. Bader Asad — Degen Toonz — @Baderasadeth
  6. Cynthia Hellen — RYLEN — @cynthiahellen
  7. David All — ChangeDAO — @davidall
  8. David “DP” Pineda — Veterans Network Champions Club — @veterandp
  9. Dominick Adams — Live Hiped — @livehiped
  10. Eric Choi — Hide Me Please — @echoi333
  11. Gleb Braverman — Plutoview — @imurfavceo
  12. Hena Venugopal — Metagencoin DAO
  13. Jackie Bedford — Re-Evolution Limited — @titaniarev
  14. Justin Jones — McFlys NFT Collection — @jje428
  15. Kira Bursky — All Around Artsy — @AllAroundArtsy
  16. Leslie Motta — Women of Basketball — @LeslieM0tta
  17. Lindsay Rosenthal — EdLabs — @lindsay_rose__
  18. Lisanne Drost — NFTwegwijs — @Lisas_NFT
  19. Manny Rivera — Coinbridge Partners — @inspireninety
  20. Masha Vyazemskaya — Rarible — @ittakestwotwins
  21. Matthew Bartlett — VanEck — @MattBartlettVE
  22. Maura Welch — Together Labs
  23. Maximilian Frisch — Non Fungible Conference — @maximili6n
  24. Mike Lukasevicz — TokenTag — @MLtokentag
  25. Miley Panassaya — Cryptomind — @metamild
  26. MK Bedosky — Gen City Labs — @TreesAreCool12
  27. Nancy Madbouly — The Owl Agency — @Nalbatraoz_
  28. Oszie Tarula — Hola Metaverso — @oszie5
  29. Ritzy P — Hola Metaverso — @ritzy_p
  30. Sabina Novruzova — Metasouls — @sabinabsv
  31. Salwa Radwi — Nuqtah — @salwaradwi_
  32. Sandra Lucia Diaz — Lucia Diaz LLC — @holaluciadiaz
  33. Sarah Endline — Harvard Business School — @sarahendline
  34. Scott Foo Music — Scott Foo Music — @scottfoomusic
  35. Thee Hustle House Baron Von Hustle — Thee Hustle House — @theehustlehouse
  36. Thomas Wu — SuperRare Labs — @thomahawk69
  37. Timmy Mowafi — MO4 Network — @timmymowafi
  38. Toni Payne — NFT Talk Show — @tonipayne
  39. Victoria Vaughan — InCryptoland — @Viquilibrium
  40. William Matzoros — Capsule NFT
  41. Zoe Faircloth — crypto girls club — @ZoeCatherineF




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