NFT.NYC 2023 Third Round Speaker Announcement for the Future Track

4 min readJan 11, 2023

41 New Speakers added to the Future Track

We’re excited to announce our third round of approved speakers for NFT.NYC 2023. Our first approval announcement in the New Year for the Future Track includes 41 new Speakers.

Total speakers approved to date from the Future Track is now 127.

Featured Speakers — Future Track

Read on to learn more about our third round of approved Speakers.

Zara Zamani
Chief Solutions Officer at ChromaWay

Zara Zamani is the Chief Solutions Officer (CSO) of the leading Nordic blockchain company, ChromaWay. She has multiple years of experience in designing blockchain platforms in tourism, healthcare, logistics, foodchain, energy, gaming, DeFi, DAOs, and now metaverse and fashion
industries. She is leading solution and product design and development of a portfolio of more than 15 established crypto products.

She has also been involved highly in the development of innovative investment models in crypto space. She was featured as one of the 21 women in the blockchain you should know in 2021 by Fintech Review and the 10 most influential women in technology in 2021 by Analytics Insights. She is also a Ph.D. researcher and lecturer in blockchain adoption at university of Halmstad, Sweden.

Alexei Falin
Co-founder and CEO of Rarible

Alexei Falin is the CEO and co-founder of Rarible, the leading creator-centric NFT marketplace which recently exceeded $330 million in trading volume. A serial entrepreneur with over ten years of experience spanning the technology and business sectors, Alexei has launched over three profitable companies prior to co-founding Rarible. Backed by Venrock, CoinFund and Coinbase, Alexei and his team at Rarible plan to take NFTs to the masses.

Alan King
CEO and Founder of AKINGS

Alan King is the CEO & Founder of AKINGS, a NYC based streetwear brand since 2017. He has been in Fashion & Manufacturing for over 8 years and featured on Forbes 30 under 30 Class of 2023 for Art and Style. He has been on a major fashion TV series that premiered on HBOmax that included celebs such as Cardi B, Offset, Wiz Khalifa and more. He has also been featured on major media such as Forbes, Vogue, Entrepreneur, GQ and more.

Alex Salnikov
Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Rarible

Alex Salnikov is the Chief Strategy Officer and co-founder of Rarible, a top-ranked community-centric NFT marketplace. A blockchain trailblazer and an active developer in the crypto space since 2012, Alex previously served as the Chief Technology Officer of CoinOffering, the first company to offer its shares in the form of blockchain assets. With a BA in Computer Science and an MA in Data Science, Alex’s specialties span a variety of sectors including market analysis, decentralized finance, NFTs, and tokenomics.

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Round 3 Future Track Speakers
View all approved NFT.NYC 2023 Future Track Speakers at NFT.NYC/Speakers

(Alphabetical order)

  1. Abi Dharshan — Zerion — @abishekinguout
  2. Agash Navaranjan — RandGallery — @agashnava
  3. Alan King — AKINGS — @alankingny
  4. Alex Salnikov — Rarible — @insider0x
  5. Alexei Falin — Rarible — @alxfal
  6. Anastasiia Ilicheva — DIBA & BitMask — @Anastily
  7. Bobby Singh — NiftySky DAO — @NiftySkyDAO
  8. Chris Allen — Kalapa Design Studio — @djchrisallen
  9. Christos Makridis — Living Opera — @living_opera
  10. Daniel Peter — CapsuleNFT — @0xFiftySix
  11. Danny Soifer — Chainstack — @DS_Blockchain
  12. David Ham — Mintway — @david_Th_ham
  13. Dr. Shakil Muhammad — Genesis Lab — @ShakilRNS
  14. Ed Aldana — Mutant Cats DAO — @MusicmanNFT
  15. Elie Steinbock — ShareMint — @elie2222
  16. Frank Poncelet — Hyperlabs — @frankNFT_eth
  17. Freddy Lim — Hungry Human Pte Ltd — @hungryhamsterc
  18. Gintare G — Popex
  19. Ibrahim Ölmez — Nouz
  20. Jack Jia — Unlimint — @demonopolize
  21. John Tremblay — — @0xhate
  22. John Kobs — Wildxyz — @douglassNFT
  23. Josh Lawler — Zuber Lawler — @JLawlerCal
  24. Kacper Bartoszak — — @kacperbartoszak
  25. Kamala Alcantara — Blockdaemon, CoinDesk — @KamalaAlcantara
  26. Kennashka DeSilva — EY — @kennashka
  27. Lennox Matsinde — Satoshi’s Index — @lennoxtakura
  28. Manana Samuseva — CryptoHQ Fund | Babylon Voice by Manan AI — @MananaSamuseva
  29. Max Morgan — ACRE World / Platinum Bay NFT — @ACRE_WORLD
  30. Maxwell Lyman — Solon Labs — @Crypto__Jesus_
  31. Michael DeNunzio — Pebble Ventures LLC — @MikeDeNunzioSF
  32. Mike Schaiman — Gen City Labs — @shaman4646
  33. Neo Sutras — Neosutras — @neosutras
  34. Nikita Privalov — NFT Oasis — @BRINGTHETHOUGHT
  35. Richard Rauser — raaza — @RichardRauser
  36. Rick Moby — Mojo Labs — @mojomoby
  37. Saad Rizvi — SuperLayer — @saadhrizvi
  38. Sam Borghese — Zeal Reserve — @blockchainteach
  39. Svetlin Krastev — Mutant Cats DAO — @svetlight74
  40. Victoria Pallot — XRdoge and Hub25 — @XRdoge
  41. Zara Zamani — ChromaWay — @zzzzZarazzzz




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