NFT.NYC next round of Speakers Announced

We are six months away from NFT.NYC’s third annual in-person event and the response we’ve received has been more than anticipated.

Based on early ticket sales, we think we may have over 1,000 Attendees.

To accommodate the increase in interest we are now planning TWO speaking tracks over TWO days

Many community members have said they are looking forward to an in-person event:

Over the last eight weeks, we have received about 200 high-quality speaking applications.

Today we’re announcing the March round of 75 new speakers.

125 Speakers in total have now been approved

How are speakers selected?

  • Speakers are chosen for their thought leadership and passion for NFTs.
  • Celebrity status is not a criterion.
  • Product pitches have not been approved for panels or 10 min talks.

Are you passionate about NFTs? Do you have an interesting use case to share with the NFT community? We want to hear from you! The submission deadline for speaker applications is July 31, 2021, and early submissions are prioritized so don’t delay. Submit your application today.

A Tiny Sample of what’s in store

Eric Chen, Co-Founder and CEO of Injective Protocol, will be speaking about how NFTs can create a more free and inclusive financial system through decentralization.

Injective Protocol is unlocking the creation and trading of NFTs with fast and gas-free NFTs.

According to TechCrunch “Injective is essentially trying to build a decentralized competitor to Robinhood.” TechCrunch also notes that Injective counts Mark Cuban among its early investors.

Discover the world of 3D fashion with Danit Peleg, a 32-year-old fashion designer from Tel Aviv. Danit’s work expands the boundaries of fashion through 3D printing, NFTs, and AR.


Danit says, “I believe and hope that by 2030, the way we manufacture our clothes will change dramatically, and with 3D printing, I believe we have a shot at reinventing this industry and rebuild it to be circular, and radically cleaner.”

April 23, March Speaker release:

  • Aharsh MS — Accubits Technologies
  • Aleksandr Bulkin — A100x
  • Alyze Sam — Blockchain Strategist
  • Andrew Cm — Cent
  • Angela Dalton — Signum Growth Capital
  • Annalese aka “ Bitcoin Queen” — BitBasel
  • Anne Spalter — Artist
  • Arghtee — NFT Hypeman
  • Ben Lakoff — Charged Particles
  • Brian Christensen — Blockcities
  • Bruce Woodruff — “BruceTheGoose”
  • Bryan Myint — Republic
  • Cameron Bale — NFT.Kred
  • Cathy Hackl — Tech Futurist
  • Caution Fun — TeamStreamTeam
  • Chadwick Strange — SKALE
  • Chris Banbury — Conflux Network
  • Christina Steinbrecher-Pfandt —
  • Clyde F. Smith — CryptoArtNet
  • Collin Knock — Watch Skins
  • Cynthia M. Gayton — Gayton Law
  • Daniel Payne — Murphy & McGonigle
  • Daniel Uribe — Genobank
  • Danielle Davis — TwerkyClub
  • Danit Peleg — Fashion Designer
  • David Moore — KnownOrigin
  • David Russek — 10tales
  • Drew Mailen — BountyBase
  • Eric Chen — Injective Protocol
  • Frank Bondo — Developer
  • Ghaith Mahmood — Latham & Watkins
  • Gisel Florez — Artist
  • Hassan Aldahan — CiQ Corporation
  • Jack McDermott — Karma Credits
  • James Stroud — Stealth
  • Jamie Burke — Outlier Ventures
  • Jen Heck — Director & TV Producer
  • Jesse Goplen — Couchlink
  • John Wolff — Indie Game Developer
  • Jordan Lazaro-Gustave — Aave
  • Joyce Lai — ConsenSys Mesh
  • Justin Sun — TRON
  • Karthik Iyer — P2P-Foundation
  • Kelly LeValley Hunt — MintGoldDust
  • Kenn Bosak — NFT Evangelist and Podcast Host
  • Kenny Schacter — Artist
  • Kyle Samani — Multicoin Capital
  • Malachi Threadgill — NFTculture
  • Mark Shekleton —
  • Maxime Bucaille — Atari
  • Michael Hu — Facebook
  • Micol Apruzzese — VerticalCrypto Art.
  • Muneeb Ali — Hiro PBC
  • Nilesh Patel — Facebook
  • Olive Allen — Artist
  • Paul Gadi — OPGames
  • Ramesh Ramadoss — IEEE Blockchain Initiative
  • Richard Chen — 1confirmation
  • Richard Ma — Quantstamp
  • Rob Secord — Charged Particles
  • Ryoma Ito — MakersPlace
  • Sam Brukhman — Verdigris Ensemble
  • Sam Janssen — Artist
  • Sami Tannir — Conflux Network
  • Shiv Madan — Moonwalk
  • Simon Grunfeld — Visionary and creative
  • Stani Kulechov — Aave
  • Stephen McKeon — Collab+Currency
  • Tamara Frankel — D1 Ventures
  • Thomas E Friend — Ash Elements
  • Todd David Miller — ChromaWay
  • Tony Pearce — Reality Gaming Group
  • Uri Kolodny — StarkWare
  • Vandana Taxali — Artcryption
  • William Quigley — Magnetic Capital

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Up Next: Weekly Clubhouse Sessions and Monthly Special Webinars

Each Wednesday in the lead up to the October in-person event, NFT.NYC will host a session on Clubhouse, focused on a topic suggested by the community. Each session will include about five people who will be speaking at NFT.NYC.

Every month there will be special webinars, or virtual live sessions, that include interviews and panel discussions with industry experts on newsworthy subjects.

Since 2019, NFT.NYC events have hosted thousands of attendees, hundreds of leading speakers and the best NFT projects.