NFT.NYC Speaker Submission Process

3 min readNov 10, 2022

A core value of NFT.NYC is to give the NFT community a voice by putting as many passionate and insightful speakers on stage as possible.

  1. For NFT.NYC 2022, we received over 4,000 Speaker applications and 40% were approved.
  2. For NFT.London 2022, we received over 1,400 applications and 58% of the speakers were approved.

It is a privilege for us to read through every single speaker application that’s submitted to us.

Below is a summary of our speaker application and evaluation processes so that future speaker applicants can maximize their chances of approval.

How do I Apply?

  1. Please provide a completed application (no TBDs or N/As) here:
    Remember we want to see your thought leadership and passion.
  2. Apply Early — Preference is given to early submissions.
  3. Speakers are evaluated on an individual basis, each speaker must submit their own application (including panelists).

Note: NFT.NYC is using a new Speaker Portal. This new platform will allow you to apply once and your profile details will be saved to be reused for any future NFT.NYC events.

Speaker Format

Below is the breakdown of the acceptance rate per session format (this is the data from NFT.London 2022):

  1. 65% — 25 minute Panels (4–6 people)
  2. 30% — 10 minute Solo Talks
  3. 3% — 15 minute Fireside Chats (2–3 people)
  4. 2% — 15 minute Solo Keynotes

Panel Applications

  1. Each panelist must submit their own speaker application — this is the only way to keep track of and program the large number of speaker submissions we receive for our events.
    Tip: Panelists can apply using the same Session Title in their individual application.
  2. Panelists are reviewed on an individual basis. Mentioning other speakers in your application will not automatically lead to those speakers being approved.
  3. To accommodate as many great speakers as possible, we group similar talks into panels.

How are speakers selected?

  1. Speakers are chosen for their thought leadership and passion for NFTs (talks MUST be about NFTs — not Web3 or Metaverse).
  2. Celebrity status is not a criterion.
  3. Company product pitches are not approved for panels or ten-minute talks. Learn more about Sponsorship Opportunities here: NFT.NYC/Sponsor

When will I know?

  1. Every few weeks we review the latest applications and announce approved speakers.
  2. The draft program will be published a few weeks before the event.
  3. Common reasons why an application may not be approved:
  • No name or verifiable identity
  • Not about NFTs
  • Promoting a product
  • Not enough detail

What’s next once I’m approved?

10 min Talks

  1. You will receive an email with a link to upload your slide deck
  2. Approved Speakers must complete Eventbrite Ticket Registration
  3. You will be provided your free VIP Speaker Ticket when you checkin on April 11th (please bring a valid ID)

25 min Panel

  1. NFT.NYC connects fellow panelists via email to meet on a pre-event call to settle panel title and description for the published program (you must attend to reconfirm your acceptance)
  2. The nominated panel leader will provide updated title, description and confirmed panelists to NFT.NYC no later than March 17th
  3. Confirmed Panelists must complete Eventbrite Ticket Registration
  4. You will be provided your free VIP Speaker Ticket when you checkin on April 11th (please bring a valid ID)

VIP Speaker Benefits

Approved and Confirmed Speakers will be entitled to:

  1. Receive an invitation to the VIP and Speaker Dinner held on April 11 at no charge. An RSVP is required to attend so please make sure to keep your email address with us current. RSVPs will be emailed in March 2023.
  2. Access to the daily VIP and Speaker lunch and lounge.
  3. Featured on the NFT.NYC website.

Speaker Engagement

  1. Engagement between Speakers and Attendees is very important to us both during and leading up to the event. We will periodically invite approved Speakers to participate in conversations on social media leading up to the event.
  2. To facilitate engagement we will use the information you have provided in the speaker application form to publish your NFT Speaker Profile.
  3. We want to share your excitement with our online community on our social channels before you take the NFT.NYC stage.
    Some ideas for you and your panel to consider sharing online include:
    a. Host a Twitter space together
    b. Submit a video of you all together:

Engage with NFT.NYC

  1. Apply to speak NFT.NYC/speak-apply
  2. Explore sponsor opportunities NFT.NYC/sponsor
  3. Follow NFT.NYC on Twitter @NFT_NYC
  4. Follow NFT.NYC on LinkedIn NFT.NYC




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