NFT.NYC — The Leading NFT Event returns In-Person to Times Square

NFT.NYC will be hosting its third annual in-person event in Times Square on October 20 and 21, 2021.

The event brings together enterprise and consumer brands, blockchain developers, gamers, artists, investors and fans to showcase real world use cases.

NFTs have recently exploded into the zeitgeist, with several hundred million dollars of digital asset sales already this year.
Non-Fungible Tokens are impacting consumer experiences of ownership and identity.

NFT.NYC will now be a two day event.

Earlybird ticket sales are OPEN and are scheduled to close at 11:59pm ET April 20.

Topics include:

  • Identity and Social
  • Redeemable NFTs
  • Digital Art
  • Token Creation Platforms
  • Digital Collectibles
  • NFT Marketplaces
  • NFT Gaming
  • NFTs in Fintech
  • VC Funding
  • Wild and Crazy Use Cases
An early breakdown of speaking applications shows Art and Collectibles as major topics this year

NFT.NYC will be hosting virtual expert sessions on these topics each month leading up to the event.

50 speakers have been approved from applications received in February.
March Speaker Applications will be released in April.

February Speaker release:

  • Alex Atallah — OpenSea
  • Alex Salnikov — Rarible
  • Andrea Bonaceto — Eterna Capital
  • Andreas Petersson — Capacity Blockchain Solutions
  • Andrew Bull — Bull Blockchain Law
  • Ayesha Kiani — LedgerPrime
  • Ben Heidorn — Blockade Games
  • Bradley Kam — Unstoppable Domains
  • Brantly Millegan — Ethereum Name Service
  • Ciaran Moore — VR & NFT artist
  • Conlan Rios — Async Art
  • Daniel Viau — OpenSea
  • David Pakman — Venrock
  • Devin Finzer — OpenSea
  • Dirk Lueth — Upland
  • Dr. Jesse “aggroed” Reich — Splinterlands
  • Fanny Lakoubay — NFT & Arttech Evangelist
  • Gauthier Zuppinger —
  • GMoneyNFT — NFT Collector
  • J.N. Silva — Digital Artist
  • Jamiel Sheikh — Chainhaus
  • Jan Bodden — NFT Gamer
  • Jason “Vandal” Schadt — DAOrecords
  • Jodee Rich — NFT.Kred
  • John Kosner — Sports Media Veteran
  • Jordan Lyall — $MEME
  • Marguerite DeCourcelle — Blockade Games
  • Marjan Moghaddam — Digital Artist
  • Matthew Stephenson — Behavioral Economist
  • Metakovan — Metapurse
  • Miguel Angel Romero Jr — Nifty Gateway
  • Nature — Fluctuo
  • Nithin Eapen — Crypto Evangelist
  • Peg Samuel — Tech Consultant
  • PowerSurge⚡️ — Crypto Art News
  • Pranav Maheshwari — Polygon
  • Rachel Siegel — CryptoFinally
  • Richard Rivera — NFTLive
  • Robby Yung — Animoca Brands
  • Sebastien Borget — The Sandbox
  • Shea Newkirk — NFT Gamer
  • Simona Pop — Status
  • Stephen Wink — Latham & Watkins
  • Steve Lee — BlockTower Capital
  • Steve McGarry — GrowYourBase
  • Theo Goodman — Artist and Producer
  • Tim Dierckxsens — Arkane Network
  • Tommy Kimmelman — Nifty Gateway
  • Travis W Wright — Blockchain Heroes
  • Vladislav Ginzburg — Blockparty
  • Zach Burks — Mintable

Tickets, speaker applications and sponsorship information available at NFT.NYC

Cameron Bale
Co-Founder NFT.NYC
+1 438 883 4389


Non-Fungible Tokens are a way of registering unique, digital assets on the blockchain

It’s been almost three years since NFT.Kred and OpenSea conceived NFT.NYC to bring together ecosystem thoughtleaders.

In February 2019, NFT.NYC was the first major NFT event in North America.

NFTs are now reaching mainstream users, through use cases including prolific licensing deals (like NBA Top Shot), collectible mania and an ever-increasing recognition of the value of digital art (including artist, Beeple’s $69M sale).

NFT.NYC has been produced by NFT.Kred and underwritten by NFT.Kred and OpenSea.

NFT.Kred is the Leading platform for NFT Marketing and Distribution.

OpenSea is the Largest Marketplace for Digital Collectibles.

If health regulations require postponement, the event will be rescheduled to Tuesday Feb 22 and Feb 23, 2022.

Since its inaugural conference in February 2019, NFT.NYC events have hosted thousands of attendees, hundreds of leading speakers and the best NFT projects.

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