NFT Tickets now available for NFT.London — Featuring 17 Local UK Artists

NFT.London VIP tickets by XCOPY

NFT Tickets featuring XCOPY and other UK Based NFT Artists

To highlight community talent and create additional value for attendees, NFT.London NFT tickets will showcase local UK artists, providing each attendee with a secure, verifiable and collectable keepsake, featuring one of the selected artist’s works.

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NFT Tickets are available for NFT.London now: www.NFT.London/yh

NFT.London General Admission tickets featuring local UK artists

Local UK artists featured on General Admission tickets

Adam Fryda @AdamFryda

Adam has been a full-time, self-taught artist since 2016, and first entered the cryptoart scene in early 2019 with SuperRare. He works using both digital and analogue techniques and has begun experimenting with using GAN in his work more recently.

Adam Rattigan @adamrattigan

Founder of @munchiesnft, an artist based in London, and I am inspired by great artists from past and present.

Alba Torregrossa @Alba_Maria_T

Alba is an Italian illustrator based in London. She has always been attracted by the beautiful side of things, even the hidden gems in the everyday life, and says her eyes are always ready to catch something unique or, sometimes, forgotten.

Andrea Chiampo @Andrea_Chiampo

London-based Italian Digital Artist and Concept Designer for the Entertainment Industry. Client list includes: Disney — Industrial Light & Magic, Netflix, 20th Century Fox, Amblin Entertainment, MPC, TheMill and many more.

ARTXV @artxvnft

ARTXV is the first NFT collective for neurodivergent artists, comprising of 15 neurodivergent artists from all over the world and providing financial independence to the neurodivergent community as well as a platform to show the world what neurodiversity really is.

Berk Tarakcıoğlu @theotostopcu

UK based designer, Berk Tarakcioglu, born in Istanbul in 1994, started his career as a Graphic Designer in 2009. Since then, he has collaborated with a wide variety of globally known pioneers.

Cedric Fangeat @cedricfangeat

Cedric Fanget is a 3D artist and music composer who worked on a series of major projects (adidas/world expo) before deciding to dedicate himself fully to NFT art.

harvmcm @harvmcm

harvmcm is an artist from Scotland who has been creating and sharing art online for two years.

James Suret @james_suret

James Suret is a UK based digital artist who specialises in creating dark and emotive artwork. Over the past 20 years James has used 3D and 2D techniques to create digital sculptures and illustrations that depict emotionally engaging scenes.

Jessica Wild Child @jesscawildchild

Originally a painter, Jessica is highly inspired by Abstract Expressionism, emphasising the power of authenticity and spontaneity in the creative process. Her work is vibrant and semi-abstract, with her paintings characterised by psychedelic scenes inhabited by “magical little beings”, acknowledging the interconnectedness of reality.

Joanna Brown @accidentalarti4

Simply put, Joanna is a self-proclaimed “UK based bird nerd creating 1/1 NFT art”.

Kate Philipson @Leopardslunch_

Kate Philipson, AKA Leopardslunch, is an illustrator and NFT artist from London. She draws beautiful, powerful women with a story to tell.

Mahima Chaudhury @mvhvma

Mahima Chaudhury (mvhvma) is a London based creative who is known internationally for her digital oil paintings. Their art embodies euphoric surrealism through the use of perspective — she forms a relationship between her environments and dream-like concepts.

Rosso Emerald Crimson @rossoarte

Rosso has been a professional painter for 10 years and specializes in figurative painting with a contemporary twist.

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NFT Tickets are available for NFT.London now: www.NFT.London/yh



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