#NFTNYC2021 Highlights

5 min readDec 18, 2021

At its core, NFT.NYC is a community event, and the response from the NFT community in 2021 exceeded all expectations.

As we look forward to 2022, we want to pause and thank you for an amazing 2021 and reflect on some memorable moments from #NFTNYC2021

We have grown as an NFT community. We had more speakers in 2021 than we had attendees during our first NFT.NYC in 2019.

At NFT.NYC 2021 we had over 100,000 tweets, 5,500+ attendees, 550+ speakers, 135 sponsors, 5 venues, hundreds of parties and 3 days of programmed content. See the sessions you missed or watch your favorite speaker on our NFT.NYC YouTube channel: http://nft.nyc/youtube

NFTs Take Over Times Square

NFT.NYC 2021 kicked off on the Ruby Red Steps in Times Square the morning of Tuesday, November 2nd.

One of our NFT.NYC core values is to amplify NFTs to the broader community. This NFT Times Square Takeover was a moment to celebrate that the world has woken up to NFTs.

What is an NFT to You?

Watch Bernoulli | Locke ask NFT.NYC attendees how they would explain NFTs to friends and family.

If you see yourself (or a friend) in the video you can win a free pass to an NFT & SKI event in 2022.

An Integrated NFT Experience

NFT Swag

This year 75+ NFTs (with up to 5,000 editions of each) were distributed to attendees in the NFT Swag Bag. NFT.NYC was the number one project on Polygon during the event with over 450,000 transactions.

1. QuantPod owners can dock their QuantPods between 12/12–12/23 for future special gifts from Realm.

2. NFT.NYC-themed REVV Racing car key, where owners can later receive an NFT.NYC-themed REVV Racing car on Polygon via airdrop.

3. Volovent Shoes by Holly13 were available and will be redeemable for a future wearable.

NFT Speaker Cards

Another one of NFT.NYC’s core values is to give the NFT community a voice, and put as many community members on stage as possible. 51% of #NFTNYC2021 speaker applications were accepted.

Every #NFTNYC2021 Speaker was celebrated with a limited series of 10 Speaker Card NFTs which their fans could collect for free. Over 5,000 were claimed on the first day, and many were resold to other attendees seeking their favorite speakers!

NFT Awards

ABC News Anchor Sade Baderinwa hosted the First Annual NFT.NYC Awards, in partnership with NFT.Kred, OpenSea, ClubRare and Topps NFTs.

20+ Creators and Projects were recognized by the community, from over 3,000 nominations.

Nominations for the 2022 NFT Awards will open soon.

Live NFT Auction

At their rooftop Happy Hour, co-hosted by Jazz focused NFT Broadcasting Network, MetaJAX, Mint Gold Dust hosted a live vintage NFT auction featuring a unique selection of RAREPEPE NFTs and more. Prolific NFT collector and curator, MetaKovan took home a Series 1 RAREPEPE Nakamoto, “One of the most Rare Pepe’s in existence,” for $500,000. This piece, issued in 2016, pays homage to Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto. Read the full story here.

POAP Scavenger Hunt

NFT.NYC partnered with POAP.xyz to bring you POAP.NYC: an NFT.NYC Official POAP Scavenger Hunt.

In collaboration with the community, NFT.NYC scattered POAPs throughout New York City for attendees to find and claim.

Each POAP represented one entry ticket to a raffle, and the more POAPs collected meant the more chances to win!

Watch Patricio Worthalter, Founder of POAP.xyz, speak at NFT.NYC 2021:

Personalized Proof of Attendance

Following the 2021 event, NFT.NYC is issuing attendees personalized proof of attendance tokens representing their conference name badge. Specific token are being issued based on whether the attendee had a GA or VIP ticket, Media Pass, or was a VIP Speaker.

2021 Proof of Attendance Token Holders will receive ongoing value and utility by holding their token.

Speaker Spotlights

NFT.NYC 2021 hosted over 550 speakers, ranging from artists, creators, entrepreneurs, and celebrities (including Quentin Tarantino!) to NFT industry leaders:

Gary Vaynerchuk (VaynerNFT and VeeFriends) Fireside Chat with Jodee Rich (Co-Founder and Producer of NFT.NYC)

The HUSL And How It Will Impact The Music Industry w/ Busta Rhymes & Varun Bajaj

John Paller of Opolis — a member-owned digital employment cooperative, talked about NFTs and self-sovereign workers.

“instead of a third party charging major fees we created a system to embolden self-sovereign workers to do it for themselves fully compliantly”

By offering payroll, portable benefits, and community, John explained, Opolis ensures independent workers are free to follow their passion, while maintaining benefits and compliance.
For more information on Opolis, click here.

Satellite Events

Another NFT.NYC Core Value is to bring people together to interact and share. During #NFTNYC2021 there were hundreds of satellite events and meetups.

Highlights included:

  1. Proof of Party showcased immersive artworks and featured DJ appearances from Seedphrase and Steve Aoki
  2. Dreamverse featured works from Beeple and other artists, with performances by Alesso and more
  3. OpenSea and Danny Cole’s Creature World sent partygoers through a giant inflatable Creature-themed obstacle course
  4. Transformative technology studio, Serotonin launched NFT minting platform, Mojito

NFT.NYC 2022 Tickets & Speaker Applications

Earlybird tickets are available now for #NFTNYC2022, June 20th — 23rd at NFT.NYC/Register

Speaker Applications for #NFTNYC2022 will open on Monday, January 3rd, 2022.

See you in 2022!




Since 2019, NFT.NYC events have hosted thousands of attendees, hundreds of leading speakers and the best NFT projects.