Nike’s Dec 2019 patent reveals revolutionary NFT use

  • “Living Digital Pets” — CryptoKicks may morph or mutate and be rebuilt by a virtual object generator based on information in the NFT. Changes in the virtual shoe may be hastened by attributes of the physical shoe (e.g., age, use).[7]
  • CryptoKicks may become real-world shoes.[6]
    Owners of CryptoKicks or CollaboKicks that don’t exist in the physical world may be notified when the real-world shoe is manufactured. Past owners of the NFT may also be notified.[8]
  • Stores may host augmented reality “hunts” with prizes that can be redeemed for virtual shoes. Supply of CryptoKicks may be limited to, such as to attendees of an event.[11]
  • Virtual shoe tokens can carry fiat and other currencies.[12]
  • Token owners may interact and engage with one another in online communities.[10]
    NikePlus accounts are linked to users and digital assets, giving Nike access to a deep well of customer data.[13]
  1. Will Nike use an open blockchain, providing opportunities for developers ?
    If it is not open,
    will sneakerheads embrace a system that puts control in the hands of one brand?
  2. What are the GDPR and CCPA data ownership implications of Nike’s proposed system?
  3. In what industries beyond footwear might this type of system be attractive?



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