The 600 Speaker Waitlist Reviewed — 87 New Speakers Announced

Less than a month until #NFTLondon2022

We have been working hard, programming our NFT.London Speakers.
Today we reviewed the 600+ Speaker Waitlist and have now approved a further 87 Speakers.

The final round of approved speakers for NFT.London highlights the diverse range of topics and tracks that will be featured on stages of QEII Centre in Westminster on Thursday 3 November and Friday 4 November.

NFT.London Speakers by the Numbers

Speakers will be joining us from 64 different of countries.

  1. 326 speakers will be representing the host country and reside in the United Kingdom.
  2. 183 speakers from North America will be traveling across the Atlantic Ocean for the event.
  3. 193 speakers will be attending from various countries in the EU.
  4. 35 speakers will be attending from various countries in Africa and the Middle East.
  5. 27 speakers will be attending from various countries in Asia.

Angela Dalton — Signum Growth Capital, CEO & Founder


“Gaming is the Trojan Horse to the Metaverse”

Angela Dalton is the CEO and Founder of Signum Growth Capital. Areas of expertise include video gaming, media and music — Culture Meets Crypto. Signum Growth Capital acts as Lead Advisor to Web3 Foundation and ARK Invest. Prior to Signum Growth Capital, she served in Tech/Media leaderships roles and as a Managing Director at three firms — Guggenheim Securities, Evercore Partners, UBS. Ms. Dalton serves on the board of FaZe Clan and is a Venture Partner for Griffin Gaming Partners.

Silly Tuna — Founder, Soulcast


“The Future of NFTs”

Silly Tuna is an award winning game developer, investor, and blockchain expert. After 15+ years running a game studio he moved into the blockchain field in 2012, selling NFT startup Ownage in 2018 before most even knew the term, and made the 3rd highest NFT sale of 2021 via Sotheby’s.

He’s co-founder of Soulcast, a customisable NFT platform, and key backer of Clodhoppers, a stop-motion animated multiplayer brawler. He is an early stage investor and advisor in numerous NFT, DAO, DEFI and infrastructure projects. He is also a partner at Outlier Ventures.

OSF — Artist, Co-Founder Canary Labs, rektguy, Degenz


“How to Become a Successful Crypto Artist”

OSF is a crypto artist, collector and co-founder of multiple NFT projects including Canary Labs, rektguy and Degenz. Having spent a decade working as a credit trader in both London and NYC, OSF quit Wall Street to go full-time web3. His claims to fame include minting 150 Bored Apes and selling art to Snoop Dogg.

DJ Wright — MetaGoons


“Why Game First Will Deliver Success for NFTs in Games”

Donnell is a co-founder of MetaGoons, a hyper-growth organization creating the next generation of content for gamers. An avid gamer since the age of 5, Donnell is an early Metaverse adopter circa 2018 & has spoken on many panels including Art Basel, NFT BZL, Harvard Blockchain, and many more. He now channels his passion for gaming as a leading pioneer shaping the path of Web3

Crypto Novo — NFT Influencer


“What should you do with your Punk IP or other CC0 NFTs”

CryptoNovo became one of the biggest cheerleaders in the NFT space after claiming a bunch of CryptoPunks early in the Web3 days. Hosting online educational content he is often seen traveling into and out IRL and Metaverse events, even dubbing his own specific corner of that world the #NovoVerse. Added to the engagement is the anonymity hidden by his digital identity.



“Healthcare & NFTs“

Dr. Melissa Walsh is a board-certified OBGYN from NYC where she trained and served 10+ years in public health as a frontline physician and educator. She was the first OBGYN awarded Doctor of the Year honors at NYC’s H+H/Gouverneur. She is an advocate for Web3’s potential to transform healthcare, and a member of Humanitarian Physicians Empowerment Community (HPEC), a decentralized network leveraging blockchain technology to authenticate licensing, credentials and referral networks for medical professionals. Dr. Walsh is also a member of NFT communities including CryptoPunks, BAYC, World of Women, Gutter Cat Gang, and Cool Cats.

JC Choi — Founder of Siblings


“What makes an NFT collection successful?”

JC spoke at both NFT NYC 2021 & 2022, was nominated as the 3 best financial advisor for NFT NYC 2022 awards. He has been a digital native since 2014, and have been trading digital assets of all kinds and making efforts into education and awareness of proper investment practices. NFT Siblings had a $3.5M primary sale project which sold out in seconds, and then donated the profits back into the community development fund. The project reached top 10 volume on Opensea and has 3K ETH volume traded. He has helped partnership events, giveaways, and collaborations with some of the biggest artists, projects, and platforms, like Opensea, Nifty Gateway, and Lil Heros.

Sebastien Badault — VP Metaverse & Web3, Ledger


“The Art of NFT Security by Ledger”

Former head of Alibaba France / BELUX, Sébastien Badault joined Ledger in early 2022 as Vice President of Metaverse & Web 3. Badault leverages his extensive experience running operations for the world’s largest online marketplaces to bring Ledger’s secure offerings and tools to emerging new markets and consumers.

Micol — CEO & Founder, VerticalCrypto Art


“NFTs with Creators and Entertainment”

Micol sits on the curatorial board of ArtBlocks, the leading platform for generative on the blockchain. She is also founder of Proof of People, the first NFT festival in Europe, launched in July 2022 in London, showcasing art, fashion and music through the blockchain lens. Micol leverages over 9+ years of experience in the tech space, working for IBM and Meta where she spent over 4 years.

Passionate about the intersection of culture and blockchain, she curates shows in London, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Miami to name a few, working with some of the most established artists and creators of both the NFT space & the contemporary art world.

Newly Added Speakers

  1. Adi Turakhia
  2. Ajay Kumar Kambadkone Suresh — Salesforce
  3. Alex Dunmow — @AlexDunmow
  4. Alex Tuna — Soulcast — @sillytuna
  5. Andrew Howell — @BlockzillaTech
  6. Arif Khan — Alethea AI — @real_alethea
  7. Artus van Frahm — Frahm — @artusvanfrahm
  8. Aski Hassan — @aski1787
  9. Ben Plomion — Dibbs
  10. Ben Smallwood — GMX Studio / Global Merch Services — @GMX_studio
  11. Can Florian Ahegger — CA Agency — @uniquecol_xyz
  12. Catie Romero-Finger — @catieromero
  13. Charles Kerrigan — CMS London
  14. Charlie Apthorp — Athena Labs — @AthenaLabsHQ
  15. Charlotte Clisby — @spacerunners
  16. Chris Gage — ChrisCoCreated — @chriscocreated
  17. Christian Ferri — @christianferriX
  18. Crypto Novo — Avatxrs.XYZ — @CryptoNovo311
  19. Cynthia Overton — @CryptoCanez
  20. Daniel Kelleher — Civic Technologies — @danbkelleher
  21. Daniela Ott — Aura
  22. Danny Phantom — Well Beings — @DannyPhantomNFT
  23. Daria Shapovalova — @dressxcom
  24. Debbie Wosskow — @DebbieWossk
  25. DJ Wright — MetaGoons — @Igotawizz
  26. Erika Federis — CMS London — @ErikaFederis
  27. Erin Wolfe — Curve Club — @BoredChairwoman
  28. Evan Luthra
  29. Evan Vandenberg — @evan_vandenberg
  30. Fabio La Franca — Blueverse Ventures — @lafrancafabio
  31. Franz Gusto — MEV TOOLS INC — @filmfranz
  32. Gail Gallie — Project17
  33. Garrett Minks — RAIR Technologies — @rairtech
  34. Gary Bracey — @gbracey
  35. Gilles Den Haese — OG Studio — @punk3690
  36. Grant Edwards — FOODNOUNS DAO — @foodnouns
  37. Holly Wood — — @HollyWoodNFTs
  38. Jamie Burke — Outlier Ventures — @jamie247
  39. Janine Subgang — DLT Lounge
  40. Jay Lin — Cronos — @Jayljl
  41. JC Choi — NFT Siblings — @NFTSiblings
  42. Joe Kennedy — @weareunitlondon
  43. John Nguyen — @nii236
  44. Jonathan Gilman — — @NotAnotherNFTio
  45. Julian Rodriguez — Momento NFT — @Product_J
  46. Karen Frances Eng — 105 Collective — @oculardelusion
  47. Karen Jenkins — KidAlytics — @dr_mickeymouse
  48. Kayvan Ghaffari — MakersPlace
  49. Kerem Demirayak — TILDE
  50. Maliha Abidi — @Maliha_z_Art
  51. Matt Sypien — @HAPEsocial
  52. Max Album — @BlockBar
  53. Mehdi Farooq — Animoca Brands — @MehdiFarooq2
  54. Mehmet Ünal — @mehmetunal_io
  55. Michael Battaglia — NFT.Kred — @btag21
  56. Michel Vieira — @Decent_Archi
  57. Micol — VerticalCrypto Art — @verticalcrypto
  58. Mo Ghoneim — @mocancon
  59. Mohamed Ezeldin — Animoca Brands
  60. Natalia Modenova — @dressxcom
  61. Nathaniel Rose — Ripple — @naterose2
  62. Nouns OTG — Nouns OTG — @aubtoshi_nft
  63. Ovie Faruq — Canary Labs — @osf_nft
  64. Patricia Ezpeleta — @itsnotpati
  65. Quinn Button — NFT.Kred — @qbuttonphd
  66. Ralph Chami — @rc9910
  67. Ramkumar Subramanian — @ramkumartweet
  68. Raymond St Martin — Esaiyo — @raymondstmartin
  69. Robert Richardson — Robert Richardson Art — @compconst
  70. Roel Vos — SkyneNFT
  71. Sam Mason de Caires — Rainbow — @samjbmason
  72. Sebastien Badault — Ledger
  73. Shan Hanif — @shangenflow
  74. Silje Thorn — Silje Thorn — Artist & Creative Technologist — @siljethorn
  75. Simon Dyer — Plutus Crypto Consulting — @PlutusCC
  76. Simon Taylor — Sardine — @sytaylor
  77. SPOTTIEWiFey.eth — SpottieLabs, LLC — @SpottieWiFey
  78. Steffy — Cassiopeia Services — @stefixy
  79. Stephanie Srikandi — TIALS.World — @stephanietials
  80. Stina Jones — Stina Jones — @stina_jones
  81. Thanh Binh Tran — FUEL
  82. Tom Marshall — CMS
  83. Tyler Schmitt — One37pm
  84. Vincent Schalk — OneFootball
  85. Vj Deliria — Vj Deliria — @VjDeliria
  86. Will Deller — Bird & Bird LLP
  87. Zoe Wyatt — Andersen LLP

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Since 2019, NFT.NYC events have hosted thousands of attendees, hundreds of leading speakers and the best NFT projects.

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Since 2019, NFT.NYC events have hosted thousands of attendees, hundreds of leading speakers and the best NFT projects.