Valeria Games Makes a Splash at NFT.London

4 min readJan 17, 2023


For us, NFT.NYC has proven to be the most effective marketing dollar for dollar that you can get in the NFT space, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

— Sharif Mohammad, CEO of Valeria Games

Since 2018, NFT.NYC community events have hosted tens of thousands of attendees, the leading speakers, and the best projects in the NFT ecosystem.

NFT.NYC’s core values are:

  1. Give The Community A Voice
    Put as many speakers on stage as possible to provide a forum for the NFT community to give voice to the most relevant ideas of the moment
  2. Create Connection
    Bring people together who are working on like projects
  3. Proselytize NFTs
    Educate the global community about the value of NFTs

Partnerships are key to each of these values, engaging new and established projects from the ecosystem to share their stories and offerings with the community.

Valeria Games at #NFTLondon2022

Valeria Games partnered with NFT.NYC for its first NFT.London event in November 2022 as Bronze Sponsors, providing them a perfect platform to build on the momentum of their launch in April 2022 and share their project with key thought leaders and professionals from the global NFT community.

Eager to build their community and increase brand awareness, the Bronze Sponsorship Package was ideally suited to meet their needs — it included an exhibition space, ticket package, and event branding.

Valeria Games CEO, Sharif Mohammad said:

“In June 2022, I attended NFT.NYC and was blown away by the passion of the attendees. I realized that we had missed a valuable opportunity by not having a booth at the event.

Determined not to make the same mistake again, we booked the bronze package for NFT London 2022 and created an unforgettable booth experience.

The Bronze package provided an accessible and value-focused entry point to maximize their impact during the event.

Exhibition Space

Valeria Games presented to NFT.London attendees in their Bronze exhibition space. With their custom eye-catching backdrop and card display, they attracted and engaged event attendees, sharing their projects and future initiatives.

The interactions made at their booth led to valuable connections and future collaborations with professionals from around the world—presenting new business and revenue opportunities for the company within its first year.

We had a constant stream of attendees eager to learn about Valeria Games and made valuable connections with other professionals in the space. We even secured a collaboration with a project we had long admired, which we will be announcing on our Twitter soon.”

— Sharif Mohammad, CEO of Valeria Games

Speaking Engagement

The CEO of Valeria Games, Sharif Mohammad, was invited to speak about “Building a Game on IMX” at the QEII.

After speaking on stage, Sharif was approached by a PR firm—as a result of that conversation, he secured publishing rights in Dubai and a collaboration with another well-known project.

NFT London was a huge success for us. We met new collaboration partners for our NFT mobile game, spoke with a PR firm about publishing rights in Dubai and marketing strategies, and gained valuable insights from fellow founders.

That’s why we’re stepping it up at NFT NYC in April 2023. We’re planning an even better and more interactive booth, where attendees can battle each other in our mobile game for awesome NFT booster packs and more.

— Sharif Mohammad, CEO of Valeria Games




Since 2019, NFT.NYC events have hosted thousands of attendees, hundreds of leading speakers and the best NFT projects.